Class Tuning Incoming -- December 13

WW are fine. Rogue def needs a nerf though and most will agree.

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Nerfing tanks was not the move… Blizzard was on a roll, now this.


Let’s be real lock op af still

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Been tanking for idk what like 8 expansions since tbc. You mentions shadow and BFA which is a joke as any ok geared tank should solo mythic + at the mechanics they gave us more so in BFA with neck , power and corruption, as a warrior even mine I didn’t bother min max should have walked into even 10 and not need healer or dps help

As a main healer I totally understand what Blizzard is doing and fully agree with it. In fact I think they should take it way further. Dungeons are BORING! 75% of the time I’m throwing out healer DPS instead of healing. The tanks always out heal their healer in the damage meters. I never have to use my big cool downs. And 10% is NOTHING! I’ll never even notice it.
Vanilla Wow is way better when only healers could heal! It’s kinda the whole concept of an MMO

What kind of balance are you guys going for? Blood is so weak in pvp atm that you are better off tanking as Unholy. Acherus (DK Discord) and Icy Veins don’t even have pvp guides for Blood because it simply isn’t considered to be a serious spec.


As far as Tanks in pvp, maybe there should be a re evaluation on what tanks should be considered in pvp.

There’s still time to undo this dumb blanket nerf that makes no sense. Throw a bigger nerf at warriors (the proposed nerf is laughable) and buff brewmasters. We all get it. The warrior dev is an absolute chad that created the class/spec tree (yes other tanks are jealous of that talent tree) and is probably giving reasons why they don’t deserve to be practically gutted when its the only tank right now that should be getting hit with a massive nerf. They take practically no physical damage and they are way to good against magic atm. Buff brew. Nerf warrior. Check again in a few weeks.

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My guild had stopped playing WoW in SL, this was the first WoW expansion that I didn’t pre-purchase, and I was kind of hesitant to play WoW again, but with a lot of news it looked good, I decided to check it out, and worse, I referred friends and family to play WoW again, and my guild started playing again.

However, although many of the issues related to borrowed power have been resolved, it is noticeable several balance issues, such as the DH dps, which do more heals than healers, and are harder than tanks, even Warlocks are tanking more than tanks , however the protection paladin (my main) does not do damage, does not tank(the power of paladin protection tank is the heal, no heal no tank) and now does not heal, you KILL the tank paladin.

I still had a hope (foolish hope I make it) that the devs would fix this, but with the information of tomorrow’s path knowing that the devs will nerf ALL tanks, yes nerf all tanks, not just the guardian druid, but all the tanks, and leaving the DH and warlock like gods, gj DEV.

It’s worse calling friends and family for this, I’ll have to apologize like them, and since they’re friends, they’ll forgive me, but not myself!

I would like to know if there is a possibility of getting a refund, total or partial, you can even delete all my characters, all progress, delete everything, even a 50% refund will be better when talking to my guild.

We’ve only been back playing for a week, and we all like to play as a tank, that was a big mistake of mine, and we should never have tested it, if it’s possible to get some refund value, even canceling our blizzard account, it will be welcome!

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A bit dramatic aren’t we? Had a Paladin tank last night, topped meters in healing and had pretty decent damage. Obviously DH is way out of line and Blizzard doesn’t seem to recognize that or is at least hesitant to pull the trigger, but overall, I’ve seen lots of viability in all classes whether it be dungeons or raids.

What beta?

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I’ve tanked m0s on BM and prot so far. My BM in 340 gear (accounting for celestial fort) requires ~3k hps avg over the dungeon. Not bad but at times (looking at you last boss ruby) I definitely needed a healer.
My prot war in similar gear requires 0 HPS. Actually my prot war overheals by ~7k hps on AVG - note I’m not even trying to survive with ip spam or it would be more also I sit in battle stance. My war could literally take 50% more damage and still be more tanky than my monk.
Bliz solution: nerf monks by 10% and effectively nerf war by 5%. It’s bonkers. I just don’t even get the logic at all.


Try scrolling up and reading the ton of massive DH nerfs maybe?

You mean the baby nerfs? Yeah sorry, DH is a little more over tuned than what that is going to affect lol.

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People complained about the tank shortage but they just single handedly made it worse by supporting more tank nerfs.

I don’t understand why you would nerf tanks. Nerf us in PvP sure, but PvE? Is there not already a tank shortage? I’m still going to pull the whole m0 boss to boss, and normal/heroic is going to be mass pulled. This change is going to be felt in M+, nerfing tanks for M0 content is ridiculous. I cannot for the life of me see how anyone could complain with clearing dungeons faster and having more people play tanks. I’ll adapt, and I’ll still pull the same way I always did, but this change is not cool.

Also, this is likely going to shake up the meta in raids and M+ since tank balance was for the first time in a long time balanced. For people without ridiculous self healing this change is going to suck. DK’s, DH, and Bears just went up a tier in the meta with these changes.

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Demon hunter complaining about a class being op? Oh the irony

The hunt self heal is a most to have, dh don’t have many instant heal. 10%leech is really low. The hunt was a good opener or a good saving pass. Now I may spec into something else.

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The people in this thread are ridiculous for not wanting tanks to be nerfed. You think tanks being literally invincible all the time is good for the game? 10% less damage reduction barely even begins to address the issue.

Is your character 70? Is not that I want to sound condescending, the 70 give all the talents and once proper gear is when you start seeing the real scale of a class. And performance on PvE and pvp change drastically.
Skills should also be fatter to the activity. PvE,or a speac can have different values and won’t matter that much.
Example the hunt self-heal as dps in a dungeon doesn’t matter you have a healer, as tank. Not much since you have a healer or if things go bad a skill to help the healer in pvp this is a whole different story. Since dh compare to other clases doesn’t have a insta heal skill like dk class (or others) mentioned dk since is what I see in your profile.