Class Tuning Incoming – November 14

show frost dk some love


I like how they’re making the demo s2 4pc bonus basically non-existent. The whole point is to reduce the cd of grimoire: felguard to line up with 1.5 min tyrant.

not entirely, the tank living more and healer healing more, means the healer has more chances to dps, which has been a point of emphasis for healers now. Meaning there’s still a good amount of dps. Plus in keys in s2, we saw levels not ever reached before as soon as augmentation was released to the public, because of how OP they were, they’re not at that level anymore thank the devs, but they are still streets ahead of all other dps in terms of value added to a group. Not to mention, survivability and utility is equally important in m+ as dps. The value aug brings to a m+ group still is OP in my eyes and many other eyes.

they buffed demon hunters

one can only hope :pray:

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I hope (but doubt given the history) some rogue pvp nerfs are being planned being that Goremaw’s bite is already critting 300k-400k without the new gear. Outlaw also doing up to 130k dps with blade flurry in arenas which is a bit concerning being that melee comps are forced to stack and rogue countering bruiser melee comps like warrior/dk/dh doesnt make a great deal of sense, especially considering the identity of rogue.

Rogue NEEDS some pvp nerfs no doubt. The devs had mentioned they would receive nerfs after the rework in later builds, but there have only been further buffs in every build after.

Sub and Outlaw Rogue are standout OP in 3v3 Arena no doubt. You’re in contention for best the burst damage in the game, best crowd control in the game (all of which is instant cast and undispellable), and you have some of the best defensive strength in the game.

You cant have rogues excelling like this in all 3 areas of Arena and expect them to be balanced fairly in the meta.

Why Rogue felt good in classic wow was because you had very strong offense stuns or stealthed abilities, but you were weak and easily killable. Now rogue is as tanky as any other melee in the game (If not the tankiest) so there is no punish / outplay to them.

Giving Cloak of Shadows benefit vs Melee, and Evasion 20% damage reduction (that applies to spells) is really bad design imo, and those abilities lost their flavor/identity as an anti-melee and anti-wizard defense. They were introduced to be specific counters to either melee OR wizards, not to have 2 separate cooldowns benefit both.

Couple everything said above with 2x charges of feint, crimson vial, versatility and healing received buffs, rogues are legitimately one of the tankiest specs in arenas as a leather wearing class with daggers or swords.

Buffing those destro lock dimensional rifts and tier set bonus in the offseason prior to players having them, when it was already the best pvp tier set in the game on the PTR, is VERY CONCERNING.


Fallout from introducing a support role and not restructuring group sizes? Now that aug’s damage is tuned down to bring out their support side more, they no longer have a locked in spot. Bring on the 6-person groups!

any buff is a good buff for the rets!


Oh look, nothing for warrior as usual


As a feral druid, can I has those resto buffs too? Pretty please?


i think blizz gave up on spriest seeing how it’s as bad as ww with no buffs lol aw well cya next rework, gang

Still. Mandatory.



This was always gonna happen so aug doesn’t dominate the WF race. They’ll adjust them again afterwards.


Noticed that too huh?

Not a bad set of notes. Don’t think it is enough to move some of the specs that are suffering more, but at least it seems they are aimed at the right places and making small tweaks.

Decent start.

Some additional things to look into

  1. Havoc and Rogue damage is really high
  2. Shaman that aren’t Enh have no reason to be brought. Make WF a class wide 3% haste raid buff.
  3. Shadow damage feels like it can be brought back up if their utility isn’t bonkers.
  4. Some minor survivability buffs for specs that are of the “fall over in hard content” variety. Hunters, Shaman, etc could be looked at.
  5. Resto Shaman in particular seem really displeased with their tier. Maybe something to make it more usable? Longer timer on buff, more riptide spreading, something?

kennie they completely forgot to buff shadow priest while it does tank dmg in keys and does some of the worst single target. they buffed assassination, which is better, over spriest xd

rogue has 2 overpowered specs and they buffed their one bad spec xxdxddddxd

Slowly being molded into a Non-Support, but Pure DPS spec. Many anticipated this because balancing the entire role of Support with just 1 spec is too difficult to achieve. Especially in PvP and PvE environments independently.

I imagine by War Within Xpac, Aug will be a full dps spec, with remnants of their support role as hybrid utilities like Elemental Shamans and Shadow Priests.


That’s kinda the whole point of a “support role.” I guess the bigger problem was only introducing 1 among 36 other specs and giving them DPS aspects as well. The utility stands out so much more because they’re the only ones.


Presumably penance for exodia.

one can only hope :pray: ooo or a tank. Obsidian dragons fit more as a tank role imo.

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ah ya penance for:
demo and unholy dk being overpowered with pi
s2 dungeons being designed for our utility

ya good design, punish the spec for things not even related to them.

fun fact. there’s this cool spell called ebon might added in 10.1.5 that buffs both the player and the augvoker except the spell effects are different in order to better balance them. weird how they could’ve done that to pi and didnt.

weird mass dispel suddenly became a problem for all of one season and not any other season (jee i wonder why)

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