Class Tuning Incoming – November 14

That’s great and all, but can we get a fix for the bug where Frenzied Regeneration isn’t benefitting from Versatility and Innate Resolve(Regen for up to 120% more at low health)?


Holy and shadow priests could use some love?


this is a massive mistake for pvp but hey ill take a free first month glad.

oh great thanks for forcing a reroll.


Funnily that’s around 0.06% damage buff.
I don’t know if it was for the meme or deliberately done because 0.06% damage was needed xd

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Oh no a few more Aug nerfs and people might have to actually learn how to play the game again instead of being extremely boosted! Go for the knees Blizzard and get rid of these Yuumi players.


why arent the ret buffs negated in pvp

can you guys for like one season stop showing a clear bias to them? it’s been. three. years. of. ret. warrior.

just stop, the meta is gross…

the ww tuning is laughable and not nearly enough, please refer: Windwalker is Looking Incredibly Doomed for 10.2


I’m sorry, but there is no way this isn’t a joke with these WW adjustments. This spec was at the very bottom and is 4-5% behind the next worst spec, and this is all it got? This is like 2k to 3k dps max. Not to mention, those next worst specs also got buffs, so WW is still in just complete garbage tier.

There is a reason why so many people are completely dropping the spec and putting into the absolute worst tier possible.

These changes just condense the current WW issues even more. Global cap here we go! And if we get too many procs, they even override each other with the tier set, so these changes make even less sense.


they definitely didnt, aug will still be high dps output in raid, and still mandatory in m+ because of their utility.

However, any day with aug nerfs, is a good day for WoW and a step towards a better game. Keep up the good work Devs, don’t stop here, keep nerfing Aug!

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So the output was too high in raid per the last nerf so you nerfed Sins of the Many which is laughable because it doesn’t really contribute much to raid and is felt more in M+. This time its Divine Aegis and Inescapable Torment, both of which also hit the spec in M+ more than raid. These nerfs seem to miss the mark in reducing raid output and more squarely fall on M+. How about adjusting the base damage of certain spells and pushing atonement down a little to reduce raid output and crank Sins of the Many back up to keep M+ in a good spot. Then you might actually get the desired effect in reducing raid output if that is the issue without spilling over into M+.

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it’s still way too strong lol, unfortunately, you’re spec is still OP

Ooof, come on guys - this was the absolute wrong path to take from all of our feedback! We are already starved for resources and have too many buttons to press and prioritize! This only makes the problem even worse while not even adding enough overall damage to compensate for it.

Please we need some actual scaling and damage added to our kit. Look again at our mastery scaling, adjust our auras. We need to rely on actually dealing damage when we press an ability, not counting on our trinkets to do it for us!


ah, youve played with the nerfs to know its still op?

Havoc and Outlaw still :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

you’re utility is still intact and you still buff healers and tanks in m+. logs are still broken and yall were far topping some logs, so yes it’s still OP

Vengence going to need double sigils nerfed if they want any hope of a meta with more than 1 tank.


this means nothing if we cannot contribute hard enough to other dps.

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Glad in the first month is rarely ever free for anything, lmao. :dracthyr_love_animated:

Just delete Augmentation evoker spec at this point lol