Class Tuning Incoming – July 25

So devs really think with these changes a BM will be prefered over an AugVoker in any given M+ and raid spots?

Well, forget the word prefered, I should say secure their previous spots not to be taken by an AugVoker.

Hunters are in the ground for real, what type of Feedback and internal data is this on the Hunter playerbase?


Buffing kill shot by 15% is nothing more than a cruel joke. Do you guys realize that it accounts for less than 1% of our damage?

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KIR is great because it allows you to extend a great roll for 30 seconds.

which means you will always get to pop KIR when you get a great roll (at the very end of a pull) and it’ll just be wearing off right as the next pull starts.

it’s a hoot!



You must be trolling.

The other day, I was talking to my friend (who stop retail and go classic) that this game specifically retail is not playable at all. Every week or so, there will be class nerfs where it’s not necessary but they don’t nerf the meta hard enough when it needs to be. the meta shift so fast and player just dont invite non-meta classes.

After a while, I learned that it’s not possible to stay on 1 class. You have to waste gold and time to level and gear a meta class only to get crap right on in a few weeks.

We came to a conclusion that they do not respect player’s time and despite that guy the game director what’s-his-name who came out and said before that they will not be balancing around the top 1% but they are still doing it. At this point, I do not even wanna push or be serious anymore. Just play w/e. M+ is also not made for pugs.


Begging them to let me stop hard casting Healing Rain every 10 seconds in raid, M+


Buff healer DPS


Can this remain unchanged in pvp please? Y’all killed Idol of Yog Sarron in pvp because of pve balancing, don’t do the same with psychic link.

You made shadow a turret spec by removing its instant casts, why are you nerfing their defensives too?

Can we please get any meaningful change to Havoc DH? Been mediocre B tier in both PvP and PvE forever.

Thank you.

So… it’s balanced and that’s what you want them to change about it?

Everyone should be B tier. That’s the whole point of balance! They focus on nerfing S tier and buffing F tier because they want to balance the game better. It would make no sense to change the specs that are already balanced.

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No friend, B tier is when nobody wants to play with you when there are better options.

And DH has been like that for a long, long time this expansion.

A tier is when you are above average, the so-called golden spot where you aren’t broken but can fit into all forms of content and do well.

Because they are far too durable.

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By definition, can’t only a few specs be above average?

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Yeah, but if it isn’t my spec then the game is bad. :dracthyr_uwu:


Half the specs are above average right now, if not a bit more even.

When it comes to playing PvE and PvP, for higher-difficulty content, people try to fill out their roster with S-tier stuff. If that isn’t an option, they go to A tier, which has an abudance of specs. And then you got B tier, which see play from time to time, and anything lower is considered an outcast spec

So you haven’t played reworked Ret and are complaining about Paladins? Duh.

I gotta say-- some of the hot takes in here are pretty bad…

Calling for ret pal buffs and unholy-dk nerfs when the prior class needed EMERGENCY NERFS so that everyone else could play-- in the same patch that saw unholy nerfed by 40% in pvp-- Which brought us to the point that the folks who write the pvp guides for dk started advocating we all go play another class…

That whole thing is just a laughing riot to me.

Likewise, a mistweaver calling for hpal nerfs lololol. Most aggressive healer in the game wants others nerfed. Right.

I don’t understand why yall keep nerfing stuff with tier sets bonusess. That’s like punishing people who don’t have the tier sets.

This is an example of nerfing Mongoose bite at the start of the season because of the previous season’s tier set and then yall buffing it back!? Can yall stop nerfing stuff early before people figure out what scales the best with gear : /


That stuff doesn’t matter past 20s.

This is horrible and retarded buffs for pvp do your job and do some research fix frost death nights and quit leaving them in the dust unplayable why you buff classes that are way better and already viable. DO YOUR JOB BLiZZARD PVP DEVS! UH DK death coil shouldn’t hit harder than an frost Dk obliterate while pillar of frost is up it shouldn’t ever hit harder

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