Class Tuning Coming June 28

arthas was hardly corrupted by the jailer, if you paid attention to the new cruddy lore. you’d realize that the jailer literally had a more forceful hand with syl, talking to her face to face. not through any middle men or other means. while arthas from wc3 was a downward spiral a cautionary tale of what revenge, obsession, hatred, misguided good intentions can do to a man. arthas was egged on my malganis, and ultimately fell by his own hand. for people who “care about arthas lore” you’re missing the point of his rise, rule, fall, death, and final death.

ya cause you really want arthas to be “present” for a single patch or moments like kaelthas, kelthuzad, uther, and baine bloodhoof. arthas fading away after his moment of corrupting anduin was probably the best ending to his story. it was impactful, it shows how he is unredeemable due to him forcing his own fate on another human prince. how anduins father and i guess teacher comes to anduins rescue as opposed to arthas murdering his own father and mirroring how arthas father sent him off.

Getting PTSD

“We’d rather you not play Destruction”…

Another step in the right direction. Thank you guys for not ignoring PVP too. Much appreciated!

Your half-right, the other half is wrong because Frostmourne corrupts the user. Further proven when taking shards of the sword in legion reforging them into your own new frost spec weapons. You could only pick up a handful of shards or you would be corrupted/dominated. Which proves Arthas was corrupted by the sword and jailer’s influence. After some time his actions weren’t truly his…it was jailer pushing his emotions to the extreme.

More proof is the alternate universe Arthas who did NOT become corrupt, married Jaina, and had a child named Uther Menethil in tribute to his mentor. HUGE difference when Frostmourne was taken out of the equation or rejected.

I think guys in charge of those class adjustments really want this game dead.

In response to player feedback, we have elected to not make changes to Destruction Warlock this week. We expect to adjust Destruction as well as Survival Hunter with the beginning of Season 4.

Previously in our April 20 tuning, we made adjustments to Destruction Warlock and Survival Hunter to reign in their performance in M+. Those changes did not turn out to do enough, and we need to make further adjustments, but we realize this will have a significant impact on players who have committed time and effort into those specs for the conclusion of the M+ season.

Please prepare for reductions to Destruction Warlock and Survival Hunter damage in high target situations at the start of Season 4.


What a joke, why are these classes getting special treatment?


cause we are special!


I wish warriors had received this treatment when our tier bonuses were nerfed without justification.

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Finally some good news, thank you for listening. Making these changes so late into the season was a nasty decision. Glad you are delaying them until the START of a season and not a few weeks until the end.


No surprise you caved to the destro lock tears just like you did to blood DKs.

Cry hard enough that you “worked hard” gearing a fotm OP spec and Blizz will be too afraid to touch it.

Can you give us a heads up now which specs for season 4 will be grossly OP and immune to nerfs?


There’s a difference between pre-launch nerfs and post launch nerfs.


Just couldn’t go through with it could y’all? Not unless it meant dumpstering another until it gets noticed in 2-3 expansions.

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please blizzard dont forget to nerf mages, rogues, monks, DHs and warriors too


So blizzard, what’s the retro out of this situation?

The integrity of the season and upcoming mdi needs to maintained and so a spec doing 30%+ more than other specs needs to remain essentially broken.

No one wants the hard work, effort and time other players have put into picking a spec to be diminished and no one wants the current top 0.1% folks to be locked in for the achievement by nerfing a spec that is essentially required to participate in that, but being held to ransom for these reasons is awful for everyone who is doing half as much damage as the destro lock who basically gets a get out of jail free card because they are too integral to the season balance.

Do better to address these issues quicker so you aren’t subject to these considerations please.


thank you kaivax ily

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Someone still needing 3k gave them a rather harsh call through the red phone.

Good job Blizz, every other class should receive flat buffs to even the field. Its complete bs that they make no attempts at balance. What about every other class that has to be declined in keys or know that by playing one of the non-favored classes they are hurting their group.


Are there going to be ST compensation buffs for Survival? Or are Destruction no longer getting those?

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Lol mate i play blood dk, im 3k on it. I’m not being told how it plays. I know how it plays, its not that difficult and insanely strong compared to other tank specs.

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