Class Mount Unlock?

What all do I need to do? I already did breaching the tomb on my main.

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You have to do the Broken Shore campaign (all its chapters) on the character itself. It’s not account wide.

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You mean I have to do everything all over for my shaman now.

Roughly how long would all this take start to finish? And could I do it all while leveling?

If it’s like the actual story than no. You can get the footholds but if you have to get the full story done it’s going to be a few hours of questing.

Some might be able to be done while leveling.

If you want to level asap to do it, time walking is this week que as a healer for instant ques and it is MASSIVE XP.

Just the completion of the dungeon gives 270k XP with the 5% XP gem.

Also it’s the weekly so you will be with 120s and odds are they won’t need the 365 ilvl gear so u can get pretty geared for when u ding 120.

I was leveling every 40 minutes.

I got my monk class hall mount months ago. I only got the shaman one after i did the broken shore campaign. It’s pretty easy to solo now tho. Only takes a couple days, maybe even less if you grind and are 120 with flying.

Class Order Hall Checklist

  • Get your first artifact weapon

  • Choose a zone from the scouting mapto start questing.

  • At level 101, go back to Dalaran

  • Level 103 - More things unlocked: champions, troop type, and a new artifact tint for Fighting with Style: Classic

  • At this point, things are different for various classes.
    Important! You will need to be 110 to complete this section .

You can do most. But you cant do any of the Breaching the tomb quests until 110.

All the info I have found say each toon has to complete still.

Definitely do the hall quests and champion quests while leveling as there are a few garrison/hall champion quests that take several hours for them to complete.

Yes. All of the requirements for class mounts are unique to each specific class. Your shaman will have to follow the steps provided by Madalynn, even if you completed them on a different class. Once you have completed it on a specific class, the mount is then usable by any other alts of that same class.

So you do the shaman order hall and class campaign while leveling, and then the broken shore campaign once 110. I suggest getting to 120, then back tracking afterwards for the broken shore campaign. I’ve done it on 3 alts during BFA, and it goes quickly.