Mount Unlock Questions

Hey all I’ve been working on unlocking the mount. Just got started on the broken shore and got all the raid quests immediately. Also working on the class hall campaign. Im now on the firelands missions. Probably gonna have trouble sincd my followers are weak. Like 55% win rate.

  1. Can you do the raid quests in lfr?

  2. How long does broken shore take? Breaching the tomb.

  3. How far in the campaign am i?


Was discussed some time back. There are some helpful links.

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Thanks i was just how far time wise.

Unsure for the whole thing. Back in legion i think breaching the tomb alone could be done in 2 or 3 days (real time, not game time) mostly due to the mission table part that took around 12 hours.

Yeah the mission table is the slow down.

For me (in legion) the slowdown was farming sentinax beacons, but at 120 that shouldn’t be an issue.