Clarification on guild advertising

Hoping I can get a blue to clarify this situation for me.

We are an active, 2 team raiding guild that has traditionally used gold income from boosting communities to fund our raiding. Obviously that option is no longer on the table so we are trying to continue making our gold through boosting within the TOS.

When it comes to advertising, we have some people who are more motivated/have the time to do it than others, but we’d like to be able to spread the gold making opportunity around. If I am advertising for mplus throughout the week and the person interested in the run can only go on day I can’t run, am I allowed to set it up for fellow guildies? Or if the buyer would like only people that can trade a certain trinket and my characters can’t. or does the advertiser always have to be in every key they sell?

I have a similar question for raid, though with raid sales that’s much less of an issue given their more set times and larger roster.

Again, we are not trying to break any rules here and we are definitely trying to stick to the spirit of our guild offering in game services for gold, sold by players within the guild who are likely, or at the very least capable of attending the runs.

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A blue post makes it clear that the advertiser must intend to participate in it:

The key phrase:

As for buyers who want specific gear, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with referring them to a fellow guildie who will participate in the activity and can support their request, as long as you had every intention on performing the boost yourself prior to the curveball thrown by the buyer.


thank you for the reply. its disappointing, but helpful :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, and I understand the disappointment. It affects us buyers negatively as well, but it is what it is. Good luck with the sales!

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