City of Light Bugged

I followed Khadgar’s servant from beginning to end. This is such a tiresome quest. I waited at the end until the servant disappeared. I did not get credit. I submitted a ticket. I was told by your customer support that this may be a phasing issue and to either try logging/going to a different area, or deleting the quest and try it again.

I went to another area, logged, and came back…no good.

I have done this quest at least 40+ times over the years. That quest is like 10 minutes. That is almost 7 hours of doing that specific quest. I refuse to do it again. Please complete this quest for me. Your bug should not waste my time.

Character Pipswitch, Westfall Horde. TBC Classic.

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For clarification: When you say you ‘waited at the end’, did you wait on top of the ledge where the servant stops and despawns?


Yes I did…waited until it faded away.

Definitely unusual. I’ve completed it successfully myself.

Makes me wonder if this is a bug related to the server layering feature they introduced…

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