Choker of Barbed Reins - Damage not scaled

I just saw a Choker of Barbed Reins drop in Lower K that has an ilvl of 278

The stats seem to have scaled properly, however the Equip Effect reads

“Taking damage has a chance to instantly deal 65 Physical damage to nearby enemies”

If you look on the Adventure Guide, the ilvl 50 item also has a figure of 65 damage.

Looks like the effect wasn’t scaled with the ilvl


Just got Choker of Barbed Reins at item level 304 from the vault.
Equip information states it does ‘63’ damage. It’s somehow degrading instead of scaling.


Mine is also broken

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Can we get more attention on this? Bluepost reply or let us know if this will get fixedt his patch. I got this in the vault and very disappointed in the resulting performance.

65 dmg for both 304 vs 50 ilvl is definitely a bug.


That’s because it scales with your vers too. Not that this helps much.

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same issue with mine…it is actually pointless to have.


Bump, this has to be an error. The proc value is the only thing about the trinket that didn’t scale.


hey doods, so i got a 272 version that does only 72 damage to near by enemies, I mean its not significant damage what so ever. Is the bug fixed or should this necklace be doing ALOT more than what it states.

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also I trust that the damage it should be doing, at 291 to 304 is about 375 to 400 damage to near by enemies, which would make this necklace proper.

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275 version and 62 dmg. From testing it provides .1% to overall damage. Lol it’s not even worth it with bad secondaries.

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Just got one of these in the vault, still not scaling today.

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They fixed a ton of trinkets but ignored this


Any chance you going to fix this neck? I got this in my vault today but not sure to take it

Bump. Is it possible to get confirmation on whether or not this is intended?

Bump. Same issue, but I’m not overly confident that this will get fixed in my lifetime.
For example?
There’s a mail boots item that drops off of Sludgefist in Castle Nathria named “Stoneclas Stompers”. Assuming that was supposed to be “Stoneclad”.
While a typo doesn’t effect gameplay. A lot gets overlooked in this game consistently.
Here’s hoping

I hope this gets fixed soon, shouldn’t even have gone through like this on s4 launch. It doesn’t seem like that hard of a fix either. Scale the other broken items as well.

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Bump. 294 neck and the equip does 63. I tested it and it seems to actually be doing 63, not just being an error in the description. Also didn’t go up at all when valor upgrading it

I got a 288 Choker on my druid and it say 69 damage and i have a 304 Ring of Collapsing Futures and it say about 1200 damage …

The scaling of BOTH of these items aren’t working as intended and should be fixed.

Blizzard, pelase fix this, it should be AN EASY FIX for y’all.

Just received this as a 304 in my vault. Very disappointed to see such low damage.

Bump, really needs to be fixed. Would make a great tanking Neck if it scaled.

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