Chill M+ Group LFM

Just a chill mythic plus group looking for more . Currently running lower keys and would like to progress . Typically we run later nights , 10pm -12 am est. Horde and Alliance is all good. Have a discord please post disc name for invite. Currently just a couple of us , looking to expand. Completely chill and don’t expect anyone to be pro. Come relax and unwind , the game is not serious after all.


Would love to join. Send an invite when you get a chance.

2600 Disc Priest LFG for 20s

Hey! Healer and dps class always looking for friends to run content with!

Discord: Centric#9945

Warlock down to play! Withir#2795

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Rogue 2400 down to play with you guys Fuga#3704

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I play with my gf and a good friend regularly we’re tank/healer/dps mains and would love to find some ppl to run keys with we’re so tired of the sweaty pugs.
Feel free to add Phatkid#6961

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Prot Warrior, ilvl: 396, 1800 rating
Would love to find a regular group to run with. Looking for a group thats chill, but still has fun with the game but also serious enough that we still are progressing.

BNet: Frugal#1900
Discord: Frugal McMayhem#3478

Sent you a friend request on discord and bnet

Added everyone who posted bnet and discord. Hope to see you guys in game.

Heya. Sounds perfect for me. Ezpz#4026 is my Discord

Please add me I am looking for first time M+

389 ilvl and 1200 io. Havoc DH always looking to push keys with a chill group.
Blizz: LadyKay#11538
Disc: Kay_#7359

Several friends and I would be interested in joining. We’re always looking for more people to run m+ with over pugging. Currently around 2200/2300 rating.

Discord - Xia#6017
Bnet - Xiael#1350

Sent an ingame message with info! Would love to join, have better geared toons than this. Have a good day!

Added the new players interested on disc and blizz app. Hope to see you guys in game.

Super chiller here, shoot me an add! Thanks Nickiamx#1991

Battle tag not working. Mine is kurtdigglur#1978.

Hi would love to get added! Berndo#7346

2k io VDH wouldn’t mind tanking some keys :slight_smile: