Chill M+ Group LFM

2.3k io boomy looking to do higher keys, add me babes xoxo

Kovo#2117 I’ll take an invite as well :slight_smile:

I’m kind of new to mythic + and would like to join. You can add me - Deadeye#12218

2523 IO H Priest. TCL#6016

Lmk if you need a healer for your group

I sent a friend request to you guys , some tags didn’t work though.

also keen to join in with a constant group, 2k IO currently on both a hunter and resto druid. Bnet: Wozzie#6564, disc: wozzie89#1056

Shot you a FR if there’s still interest in picking folks up.

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Hi there, I am interested in this, though I am currently only 384 ilvl and doing 12-ish range keys. Not sure if that is too low for what you’re building!

Discord is CunningTheMAN#4506

Im also currently looking to push more keys :smiley: currently setting at 1700 io and around the 14±16+ area mainly boomkin/resto willing to help also looking to push :smiley: Bnet Tree#12468 HMU

Friend requests sent out.

BM hunter Martymcfly#1601

My wife and I are looking to join your group.

Discord: Morukai#2655

Added the new Battle tags and Discord names. All are welcome, just don’t be an elitest jerk. Don’t get me wrong we want to progress and that is our goal. We just want it to be fun and not feel pressured. When players are having fun they have an easier time learning. How well a group can get along and communicate is key to our success. Don’t be shy give mythic plus a try. Some of the best players in wow probably never attempt end game content because of bad experiences with a pug.

Xalzel#3510 on discord. Tank looking for people to push from 15s to 20!