Chen should be Horde

There I said it. He is a loyal ally and helped us many times. Make it official and have him replace Ji Firepaw as our cool Monk sidekick on any mission. That would be great.

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He was involved in founding the Horde, but the Panda was a neutral hero. I suppose Blizzard didn’t want to give the one named Panda prior to MoP to any single Faction, and just gave us random pandas.

Which is what ever. When do Monks do anything, anyway. They could make Sargeras the Horde’s Monk for all the screen time that role promises, and we would see him just as much.


Well pandaren grew and now many NPCs appear all over.

I am conflicted about Ji Firepaw. I almost feel bad for the guy. He sided with the Horde… and then he gets beat up, and the Alliance Panda broad is all weepy when she sees him during the Siege of Orgrimmar.

He was a metaphor for the Player Experience of choosing to be Horde during MoP - by then end, we were beaten and had the Alliance there to save us and laugh at us for being Horde and getting what was coming to us.

So even though Ji is basically like wall paper…. he has been bruised by Blizzard for being Horde. I can relate.


I like him. He was dealt a bad hand but made the best from it. He never bad mouthed our allies and apart from Aysa only talked to red race leaders. The MoP stigma is a problem for all monks so it could be worse.

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I believe Chen is still a hero to the horde similar to Rexxar. Fortunately, he avoided Warchief Sylvanas in BfA otherwise it would’ve been a short expansion. :robot::sweat_drops:

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He is the GOAT my man.

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As the only Pandaren here, going to have to say hard no on this one.
However if it were before Wrath I would of said yes.

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Chen literally helped killing Daelin and aided the Darkspear rebellion.

That first thing was over 20 years ago, the second thing everyone did.

He is personal friends with every character that had a hand in creating Durotar and by extension the new Horde as a whole.

Thats nice but that new Horde is the old Horde at this point. Its not WC3 anymore.

Literally nothing is lost if he became Horde. Considering the guy who took a jade statue as weapon already came to the alliance together with Aysa.

Without looking it up, tell me that guys name.

Jojo Ironbrow?

Hmmm i dono, that response took sometime. Alright last question, give me Jojo’s most memorable dialog.

I remember him breaking his head almost after looking for objects he can break with pure strength. But I can’t quote real sayings of him sorry.

All bad apples are gone and now Blizazrd is back to ignoring us after BFa. What else do you want?

Thats because he has no sayings.

Remove the factions. Or atleast give players a choice to leave them

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That will not happen. They are embedded in the game code. Dismantling them after learning to be better without an evil warchief in charge would ruin everything Blizzard destroyed to make BFa possible.

In the past, I agree it could have made sense if he joined the Horde. But at this point he is firnly neutral that has heavy ties to the Horde, and I think it should stay as such.

I understand that Firepaw and Aysa have a lackluster amount of appearances, but when they(and Huojin/Tushui) do appear, it is something to take note of. We see that they have really integrated into the factions like any other race and so on.

Firepaw in particular tends to appear in short stories frequently lately, even if it is a small cameo. And he had a supporting role in the Shadow’s Rising novel. He has a strong pride and loyalty in the Horde, and we can he that clearly in his few appearances.

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