Cheap Shot "Resisting"

I’ve just began noticing this week that my cheap shots are now doing nothing on occasion. It’s typical that they’ll get resisted by people with stun talents, orcs, a certain trinket etc, but just starting this week, on 4 occasions I’ve cheap shotted someone for the sound to go off but they don’t get stunned, and it doesn’t say it was resisted.

I have 26000 HKs and have done plenty of PvP since P1, so I have a large enough sample size to notice that this only just began happening. What’s going on?


You’re not the only UD rogue I know who’s been complaining about this, I also know a human rogue who PVP’s like you do who’s been complaining about this…

I don’t PVP enough on my Orc rogue to see the impact because most of the time it’s PVE or duels.

A few things you should check out, and while some may think these cannot have effect they indeed can.

Do you use any kind of a macro to execute cheap shot? If so, blizzard may have broken your macro in a partial way… Eliminate the macro and test again.

Do you have any kind of a UI add-on even if only cosmetic, eliminate this and test, these have in the past caused all kinds of problems.

Test with and without gear.

Also I have noticed for the last 3 or 4 weeks that if I do not regularly remove and re-equip my armor that my chance to hit (actual) will plummet and I will start to miss a plethora of attacks for no given reason what so ever… The remove re-equip seems to fix the issue.

Check these out, because this is something 2 other rogues I know and PVP with on occasion have mentioned, so it’s not just you.

i am wondering if this might also be the case for Nightfall’s proc rate to be complete night and day uptime going from Blasted Langs unkillable mobs to raid bosses:

Did you fight an orc?

No, it isn’t a traditional resist. It’s happening on race/class combos that have no resistance to stuns

There’s a base 5% chance to resist stuns.

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Very odd that it didn’t happen to me for the first 25000 hks and 5 months of being level 60, now its suddenly every day. maybe they fixed something?

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RNG giveth. RNG taketh away.

Cheap shot will do nothing on two occasions that i have tested…
If you rocket helm someone then cheap shot them, it doesn’t cheap shot them it just breaks the rocket helm stun but the cheap shot sound goes off…

Same thing with magic dust…

Sounds like maybe they are on DR? Or does it just make the noise and nothing happens?

Noise and nothing happens; used on targets that have not been CCed

Cheap shot shares DR with warrior charge stun and that’s about it I think.

As I remember hammer of justice, kidney, bash, concussion blow, intimidate are all on the standard stun DR.

Warriors charge like cheap shot is on the secondary stun dr.

The third kinda stuns are RNG, and have no DR as I remember it.

Cheap shot getting DR is possible if several warriors charge the same target, but the odds of that same target being alive after 1 second to be cheap shot is super low.