Characters per account per server limit?

Will it be 10, as in original-Classic, or 18, as I understand it currently is on live?

(Before you #NoChanges me, consider that I could, and did, create Alliance characters on one RP server the first time around and Horde characters on a different RP server; with only one RP server this time, I can’t do that, and that’s a change.)

It will be 10 per server, 50 total.

Retail is 50 total, as many as you want on one server.

Completely covered by blue stickies, please make sure to read all information.


Thanks. (text)

I just created 3 characters and when i tried a 4th, it said “You already have the maximum number of characters allowed for this account”

I created 1 character on 3 servers, all “normal” realms

That’s the limit for the reservation period.

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good to know, I couldn’t find that info.

Was the first post.

So I guess I need a new prescription for my glasses. :slight_smile: