"Character update process"

Im returning from a long hiatus and bought a new subscription this morning.

It says I cannot login until the character update process is complete.

My character is a Night Elf Rogue and its showing an Orc rogue with no equipment.

It’s showing on the Runetotem server and I was always on the Baelgun server.

How long does it take to get my character back right and able to login, especially seeing as I paid hours ago for a subscription?

That is something a billing advisor should look into, but it would require a ticket. It sounds like a character transfer and faction change failed at some point.

If you didn’t initiate the process, make sure to check your security.


Yeah, I put a ticket in about 36 hours ago with no response so far.

I would just think after 36 hours and $15, a returning player would get better customer service…

Tickets have been slow right now.

And why would you get better service than anyone else who’s paid their $15?

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Do you have it in your ticket history? https://us.battle.net/support/en/case/

36 hours seems long, but being a fellow player I do not know the exact time for tickets at this point. But with the Pandemic, and most of the game staff working from home, the wait times have been up and down for a while, and likely with 2 close together patches, ticket times are up with the increased amount of tickets put in.

In your op it does not mention you originally putting in a ticket, but every customer is treated the same as far as ticket times go.


Yeah I actually made 2 tickets Friday night and refresh them on an hourly basis hoping for a response.

I was hoping this forum was monitored by CSR’s and would maybe speed up the process.

I guess being the weekend and a new expansion coming out may be slowing it down.

Thanks for the response.

One ticket is all that is needed, as long as it shows in the history.

There are mods that monitor the forums, but it is not staffed around the clock like the ticket system is, and, they do not speed up the process. The forums are not a bypass to the ticket system.

Hopefully, if you did not initiate what appears in my mind,

you did not find anything else amiss with the account.

Yeah I have a couple more characters that are all fine and able to log into.

It’s just my main that is inaccessible with the “character update” message, was moved to another realm, had a race change and from what I can tell on the title screen, has no items.

I’d be curious what this phrase means. What do you do to “refresh” them?

I refresh the status page to see if theyve been addressed

ah ok, I got it

By stipulating a returning player, you imply that you should get different treatment than say, new players, or continuously subscribed players.

And yes, Customer service is slow right now. Lots of people returning, prepatch, and pandemic.

And no, this is specifically NOT a place to get around tickets or other wait areas.

As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative contact point for In-Game, Technical or Account Support. To request assistance, please contact our customer support staff directly through our Support Site .
Additionally: While our Support Forum Agents try to reply to threads as they are able to, a response is not guaranteed.


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Just a question? Did you try logging into the Baelgun Server? Sometimes the characters do not show up at all until you log into the server. :mag_right:

It is possible that you made the Orc, and maybe deleted it a long time ago and it popped back up, I have recently heard of people mentioning this happening. forgotten characters coming back to haunt you. :ghost:

Sorry if you already answered these questions above, I saw an argument, and just decided to skip it and ask my questions.

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Thanks for the response.

I have 3 characters currently on Baelgun which is the only server I had ever been on.

I quit playing around 2012 after Pandaria came out because I thought the game was going downhill.

Around 2016 I got on again because of a free week and only played for a day, my main was still on Baelgun.

My son started playing a month or so ago so I figured Id try to get back into it.

My 3 Bobo characters are still on Baelgun but my main is not and the above things.

Everything else seems right except my main which used to be a Night Elf Rogue on the Baelgun server and now he’s an Orc Rogue, with no gear (at least thats how it looks on the title screen), on the Runetotem server.

Ive logged into Baelgun with my other 3 multiple times hoping to jog the Warcraft memory, to no avail…

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Try going here, https://account.blizzard.com/transactions and see if you have any transactions that happened, that might help to explain why your main is where they are.

If there is a transaction there that you do not remember making/can’t find the receipt, it would be good to update your ticket with that info as well.

If you haven’t already, I would also make sure you have an Authenticator attached to your account.


Yah my last transaction was Sept 2012 when I bought 30 days and the Heart of the Aspects mount.

I just got the authenticator.

Thanks for the response.

It looks like you have 2 failed transactions back in 2017. One for game time, and one for a character transfer/faction change combo. Because the character service payment failed, the character became locked and you’ll need to wait for your ticket to be answered so the Game Master team can look into that and offer you the next steps.



It almost sounds like my account was possibly hacked, then.

Yea, based on some other things you said and some indicators I see - that’s probably what happened. It’s a bit too long ago to see exactly what happen but I believe the Game Masters should be able to get the character unlocked once they review everything.

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Will I get all my gold, items, etc back from then?

Oh and sorry for the trash talk as I got real frustrated.