Character Transfers Update -- May 1

Unlock PAID-TRANSFERS to megaservers so we can play the game please.


Kaivax, can you please clearly state that the devs have no clear intention of unlocking any additional free transfers from and to skyfury at the present moment?

I urge you to look at its Auction House and tell me where the Dream Shards, glyphs, or any low level profession mats are available. The economy is ruined. Please convince them to manage this server and enable free transfers.


Open Faerlina for Xfers!


Yes please, Blizzard, open realm transfers to Faerlina/Bene and open race changes. This is what people want. At least open transfers for those who already have characters on the server.
It makes no sense to allow someone to create a new character (+1 to server pop) yet not allow them to transfer one of their own characters back over. Some people have items/titles no longer attainable and won’t reroll the same class from scratch.


Hey Kaivax I been playing since 2004 and have played in hundreds of servers since then. Can I get unlimited Server transfers?!

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Do bundles for character transfers in WOTLK

Yes, you can pay to transfer to Skyfury despite what the support page says. It conveys the unofficial title, “Mad Lad.”


Yes, please Transfer to skyfury.

In other news, When can we get free transfers off of the dead server skyfury?


they do not understand the logic of this yet. give them a few more months to process it. bene will prolly open back up when cata releases so they get millions $ of xfer’s for the quarter, then millions more when people xfer off again bc of queue times for next quarter :wink:


Ive created multiple tickets for the same reason. My account was hacked and all my characters were spread around. So I have one one Benediction Horde and my main on Old Blanchy. I created a ticket, and was basically told nothing could be done, even though I still have multiple toons on Grobb. It really sucks

I have never heard of this happening to anyone else. Why would they do that?

can you please open up transfers to benediction from Skyfury. I mean what is taking so long to do it? Honestly there has been little to no word on this even though many people want it. The que times are nonexistent on benediction and opposite server Faerlina so I do not see why they are closed to transfers from other servers. Its been long overdue that you open those servers for transfer blizzard, or at least give word as to why you are not doing it.

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well you see if you pay to transfer, they make money

Support article still wrong btw

It feels absolutely horrible to have alts locked on a random realm. My guild had to transfer from Blam to Whitemane to Benediction because Alliance kept crashing. Once we were on Benediction, they refused to take a free transfer (which they were 100% right about; those realms are DEAD. I don’t care what your metrics say about realms from 2008. Go make a casual character on Skyfury, Erak, Sulfuras, Old Blanch, whatever. They are DEAD. There are not available raids).

I decided to transfer two alts because I wanted to be able to play after work at the beginning of Wotlk when Queues were 8-12 hours for over a month. It’s just crazy to me I still can’t get those characters back on my main realm. I can’t even find VOA groups let alone Ulduar/Naxx. Moreover, since those are alts, my gearscore isn’t great and so even if theres a run they only want 4.7+.

It’s just insane to me you can’t figure out a server fix. Idk if it’s just Cross-Realm for Raids, or preventing new character 3 months BEFORE a major patch/expansion release, or what. There HAS to be better solution than this dogwater we’ve been given.

I just want to play your game. I want to help fill in my guilds off raids. I’ve never seen a company make it so god dam difficult to have a good time. It’s mind boggling.


Yeah it’s ridiculous at this point that you cannot transfer to Bene / Faerlina if you already have toons there and are not character capped. If I can add +1 to the server by making a character then I should be able to add +1 by transferring.
Releveling will feel really bad considering I have items, mounts and titles no longer available.


Honest question here:

I am currently an active player on benediction, I found a nice community and am very happy. I want to bring my horde characters over from Eranikus and faction change them, however I can’t due to “population issues”. I can however, create as many new characters as I want on that server and start from scratch?

Please explain this one


What are the plans for SKYFURY? It is quite literally dying… you took forever to open transfers so everyone transferred off…


Um… what? Yes you can. It is literally an option of the service.

Open Benediction and Faerlina for character transfers from other realms, thank you much appreciated.

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I highly doubt with ‘Fresh start’ realms they mean realms that freshly started in 2019, like Faerlina…