Character Transfers Update -- May 1

When are you going to allow transfers to Grobbulus? All my others are characters are there except my main, and i have been trying for months to get it with the rest of my characters

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Then they would all just pick a new server to migrate to.

The player base largely WANTS large populations of players to play with. Going with smaller ones just risks your server dying randomly.

Forcing people to spread out causes other problems.

Cross realm zones/dungeons/raids/guilds largely fixed all the dumb “server is dying” problems. The classic series never recaptured the community feel, so it’s kind of silly trying to force it to happen when player behaviors aren’t going to let it.


unlock all transfering restrictions except for the 30 day cooldown. Lower borders and let people go where they choose.


Any chance we can get race changes? >_>

Yes you can.

Dont try to find logic in anything blizzard does… These guys are out to lunch

While I appreciate the actual communication happening the past week, this comes off as tone deaf :frowning: A lot of valid complaints about realm health going on and we’re told “if you don’t like it, spend a ton of money to move away!” essentially. Maybe some idea of what a breaking point is for a realm to get free transfers would be nice, or really anything to give folks some hope for being able to play group content on their realms that have become low pop?


Also what is the “update” exactly? Hey by the way, you can transfer to a slew of dead realms, the ones worth transferring to are still locked even though the population is down 70% across the board…??? Please make it make sense blizzard. We pay you money to play this poor excuse for a game, riddled with bugs reported months ago and still not fixed… Mismanaged servers, the list goes on… Is this a joke to you?


Which intern wrote this post?

We’re complaining about our servers dying and the need for free transfers or merging, then you give us a “reminder” about how to transfer off our servers.

If we’re talking about the want for free SERVER TRANSFERS, don’t you think we know how SERVER TRANSFERS work? Why do we need a reminder for something that is constantly being asked for? This is incredibly tone deaf. There’s a reason why these players haven’t paid for a transfer yet and still are not going to pay for a transfer.

I’m sure this post has convinced those who were on the border of unsubscribing to actually unsub.

Thanks for the “reminder” on how my credit card works. I think I’m going to look for the unsubscribe service.


Well said… Subs are about to tank for sure

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Did you guys catch the April Fools post? “Realmweaving” is a clear jab indicating how people calling the shots at Blizzard feel about us on dead/dying servers.


Fully convinced that its all manipulated to shake us down for transfer money. Heads up though blizz, sub is up in 2 weeks and I aint coming back this time


Grob when?


please free transfer from sulfuras to faerlina or benediction…

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i talked to a gm about this. as my account was created on grob during name reservations in 2019, i still have characters on grobb and was forced off so i could play the game i pay for, over to eranikus. all my friends are on grobb still and i miss them a lot. i thought we could go back after 90 days, as was stated pre transfer by blizz: as long as you have characters on grob, you can create new ones.

i waited the 90 days and transfers are still closed. i put in a ticket regarding the situation, as allowing xfer over to grob does not create more connections on the server, since i already play there. however, the dev told me that it is a ‘dev imposed condition’ that is preventing allowing my characters on eranikus from being moved over to grob where most of my characters reside.

maybe this clears it up for someone else. idk. made me super sad but there it is

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Unlock benediction already and give us race changes, we aren’t asking for much


3 days since this “reminder” post that we could swipe our credit cards and the support article that is the OFFICIAL SOURCE OF INFORMATION FROM BLIZZARD is still wrong.

Paid Transfers

The below realms do not accept paid transfers:

  • Benediction
  • Faerlina
  • Sulfuras
  • Grobbulus
  • Skyfury

Does this mean Skyfury is accepting transfers? The support article has it listed as a realm that is not accepting transfers.


Guess it isn’t since blizzards support article says the server isn’t accepting transfers (it has been for a month and a half now)

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Well this is disappointing :frowning: