Character Transfers Update -- May 1

its clear as day they create the problem by refusing to prune/maintain/change course on the servers. How did the Fresh servers die so fast? It has to be on purpose

Seems like transferring Skyfury to Grobbulus is the best option for the future. Ended up Skyfury because none of my friends could join me on Grobbulus to start :frowning:

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Have 3 Characters on Faerlina.
Have 1 Main On Earthfury.
Earthfury has 32 players on /who on Sunday Night at 8:30PM…

Cannot transfer my main character to the server where all my friends/family are now.
So I have to settle on playing a character I don’t want to play instead of playing my character I’ve invested 110 days played on since Classic came out.

This is perhaps one of the worst business/game decisions I’ve ever seen.


I hope they never open up full transfers on Grobb again.

Transfers are a highly destructive tool that kill servers. Their only appropriate use is for moving toons off of realms that are slated for deletion. It’s irresponsible on Blizzard’s end to leave such a volatile, community-destroying tool in the hands of the players. Realm Connections would have been a far better way to tackle population concerns from the get-go. This would have also reaffirmed the role of Groundskeeper for the Realms that Blizzard has now all but abandoned.

If the Classic Team truly wants to “nurture and protect social experiences” then they would be wise to reserve the destructive practice of character migrations as only a last resort.

it’s for the bottom line - they bleed the player base and love the servers dying because they milk the players for paid xfers until finally relenting on free xfers

@kaivax Please enable free xfers from Skyfury. It is bleeding players and AH is completely ruined. Please convince management to save the remaining playerbase on Skyfury. The server is empty.

Fresh has been over since first tier naxx was over.

Thank you!


Will you ever make it possible to transfer toons between accounts?
Referring to connected accounts on a single account
I have toons an a separate account, that I would love to transfer to my main account.
I have no intent of managing 2 accounts anymore

and people will just tell you to level a new toon!

I have several characters I want to play stuck on Grobbulus because I did not transfer them to Faerlina in time before the server locks went in. My guild and all my friends are on Faerlina, and I have several level 80 characters on Faerlina. I play almost exclusively on Faerlina, which means I cannot play my characters locked on Grobbulus with my friends as I wish! Please open transfers to Faerlina. Faerlina has not had queues since several months ago when Naxx was still fresh. It would even be fair to only allow transfers for accounts with level 80 characters currently on Faerlina. That way, only current Faerlina players would have access, and the transfers would not cause excess population.

Regardless of the specific solution chosen, please make this change! The appropriate time for it has long since passed. I want to play my paladin, hunter, and shaman with my friends on Faerlina!


You don’t even need to open it up in general… Just develop the tech to open it up to people who HAVE characters on that realm.

This isn’t rocket science.

Hell, hire me as an intern and I will literally code it for you for free.
Wont hurt the game at all.

Is there a reason we cannot transfer alts to the same realm we have our mains on(wotlk classic)? I have 3 80’s and I would like them to be on the same server… Sulfuras is medium pop now, is there a reason it remains locked? Please look at this with a little more depth

You can’t have this be an option or account buying will become a thing.

Please fix Skyfury.

Can any of the blizzard moderation log on a character and see if they can actually play endgame? Please see for yourself.

Population is dead.
No pug raids.
No pug heroics or h+.
AH economy is dead.

Please enable free xfers off this server. :pray:


Welcome to wow classic

Welcome to wow classic

I just came back and my characters are on Skyfury… There is nowhere to go.
My choices are Eranikus & Bloodsail Buccaneers… I don’t want to go PVE.
This leaves Eranikus as the only place I can xfer my toons. Eranikus is 80% horde and only has 500 more players than dead skyfury.

This is not a real option ESPECIALLY with me having to PAY for this to happen.
I’m being forced to either quit or restart both my characters which I started completionist on in p1.
I’m just going to quit.


Can we please get a blue update? This is absurd, I’ve been paying monthly, but haven’t actively played in about 3ish months because I have 2 80s stuck on eranikus realm…. Just take my money and let me put them with my other 8 toons on faerlina….


stuck on skyfury, let us go. its not like the players are the reason that server died, YOU KILLED THE SERVER. This company gets away with such garbage practices its actually insane. LET. US. OFF. THE. DEAD. SERVER. YOU. CREATED

pretty sure you can pay to get off Skyfury…I know alot of people have. Its not locked