Character Transfer to a new account

I want to move my Shaman from my old account to a new one. It is on different bnet account (both with my name). I was wondering what will I lose during process?

I know that when you transfer one character from an account to another account with the same name it will transfer the achievements that you’ve earned with that character and the mounts you have in bags, but the real question is… Once I transfer my shaman that it has the WotLk, Cataclysm, MoP, WoD and BfA Glory Raider Mounts associated with that character-specific achivement will I be able to keep the mounts in the old account too or will I lose after the process?

Another example, mounts from Zul Gurub that you cannot longer obtained such as Zulian Tiger and Razzashi Raptor once I transfer my shaman will I keep those 2 in my old account altough the achievement I earned with that shammy?

I know is very confusing my doubts, but I hope the community can help me, thank you so much!

Any mount that you can use account-wide, will not transfer. That’s just about every mount except the paladin and warlock mounts.

Same with any achievements that are account-wide, those stay behind too.


The only mounts that will transfer from one Account to another would be those that are character specific, such as specific PvP mounts and class mounts. Any mount obtained from an achievement, merchant, drop, etc… will remain with the source Bnet account. So yes, you will lose those.

If it is an option, Icupaul, it might be better simply to move the character to a different WoW license on the same Account. That way you can retain access to everything on that Account.


So seeing from my point of view about those 2 mounts from Zul Gurub that cannot be longer obtained, I will lose those 2 mounts in my old account once I tranfer my shaman to my new account, since I earned the achievement with that shammy?

The mounts are account bound, not character bound. So the account your Shaman is currently on, when you earned the mounts, will retain access to the mounts. The account you transfer your Shaman too, will not have access to those mounts because they will remain with the original account (they do not transfer with the character).


Oh that’s really nice. Thank you so much, Vrakthris!

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