Character Transfer / Realm Classification


I’ve noticed my medium pop server went to a low pop and my high pop went to a medium pop. I’m trying to transfer a character from Exodar-US to Throrium Brotherhood(RP)-US.

I’m getting a error asking me to please select a different realm. I’ve done this transfer with other characters in the past and now am unable to do so.

I’m just wondering if the issue is related and what is going on? Is this a bug or a new restriction? is there a hold on transfers well realms are being connected?

Often there is when realms are about to be connected - or just were, yes.


O.K. Thanks.

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Unless they have changed the methodology, the terms low, med, and high do not refer to actual population numbers.

They indicate the ratio of population on that realm compared to all other realms at that particular time.

In the past, I have seen a given realm flagged as low pop in the morning, med at mid day, and high in the evening.

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