Character Transfer failing to false "realm maximum" tag

I have tried two days in a row to transfer a character from my main account to a secondary account (yes, both meet the same name requirement) only to have it be denied with the error:

-The destination realm already has the maximum number of characters allowed.

Both accounts are:

Full retail
Have active subscriptions
Have less than 50 characters total
(the account being transferred to only has 23 total)

In my second attempt on the second day, I actually attempted to transfer it to a realm where I have ZERO characters and it still failed.

I will be putting in a ticket but also posting this here in case anyone else is also experiencing this or already has found a solution.

How many characters is the destination account at? I am pretty sure I recall some other folks having issues a while back when it was close to being 50, and there being some hang up due to something or another.

Definitely send in a ticket, but perhaps one of our SFAs will pop their head in or another player may have some insight.


Submitting a ticket so this can be looked into further would be best.


Destination account is at 23, originating account is at 47.

FYI I have put in a ticket but also was posting here for the sake of others who might run into the same issue. In my searching (via quick search of both US and EU forums ) I could find other “character transfer” problems but not one with this specific error anytime recently.

I am pretty confused as the ticket prompted me to delete characters from the originating account:

As a workaround, you can try deleting extra characters on the account that you’re transferring from as that has helped others who were running into similar issues. You may need to delete a few characters here before the transfer is allowed.
After the transfer has started, feel free to reply to this support ticket letting us know of any characters that you’d like to have restored and we can go from there!

Will update as I know more, again… for the sake of anyone else who runs into this issue.

Did you try this, like the ticket response suggested? If you did, did it help?

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Sorry for the long delay on this reply. This FINALLY did get taken care of and a GM had to manually do a transfer. Sadly, it got delayed because one of my gaming friends, who wasn’t aware of my pending transfer, sent the character an in-game mail. This of course caused the GM’s manual transfer to fail and locked me completely out of that character until a GM then unlocked it. (I hold no grudges as this was random bad luck)

Per the original ticket, I did try deleting some characters as instructed and it didn’t help.

On the GM transfer, my guild log showed that the GM had to delete pretty much every character off the originating account (realm) except the one that is the guild master, THEN they did the transfer. After the transfer was done, you could see, again via the guild log, that they restored every one back.