Character Transfer Bundles Available for WoW® Classic

Character Transfer Bundles Available for WoW® Classic

Take your adventures to a new realm in WoW® Classic when you transfer your character or characters with the WoW® Classic Character Transfer packs.

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Please consider account to account transfers. Thanks!

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Boo this post!


Sale ends, September 17, 2023

Counting down the days! Transfers are poison for realm communities.


Blatant cash grab is blatant.


This is confusing. Why would there be a change/discount to paid transfers when everyone is being funneled into destination servers via free transfers? Will destination severs be locked? Will connected realms be split? Who is this service for?


Can you allow for pvp and pve cross realm transfer already!?!

Boo selling things for money! What is this world coming to!!!

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It’s blizzard. They’re screwing their player bases over and doing cash grabs. I feel like a really crappy decision is on the horizon they just haven’t announced yet and they’re getting as much cash as they can right now before the inevitable backlash.

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id buy account to account transfers

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I am staunchly in favor of server transfers because despitebeing doesn’t like them :expressionless:


It’s shocking Blizz hasn’t done this. They would make so much money. Plus…I’m pretty sure that existed as far back as original Vanilla.

Idk. I don’t agree with everything Blizzard does; I think the new options ui for example is the result of some design people trying to justify keeping their job, while billing the company for useless work, but perhaps there are some performance considerations that I am unaware of.

I don’t particularly like that server transfers were ever implemented, but who knows the state of servers if they never were!

They offered free transfers from Skyfury and then later from Eranikus to some decent realms.

If I personally thought so poorly of the company as you seem to, I don’t think I would pay for the game, though admittedly since they added tokens to Wrath, I haven’t been paying, so… :woman_shrugging:

Okay people who are willfully ignorant, the paid transfer has been in the game for months or a year or more? I know for a fact I took free transfers off SoM, and I had friends who transferred from one coast to another with several toons, like 8 months ago. While you see this as a cash grab it is actually a service for those that want to mass migrate, it doesn’t impact you.

I do understand the sentiment though, it is that slippery slope into Classic Retail. I get it.

Supposedly some Dev said the UI Interface Options was updated for some security reason. I have never heard of WoW having “security exploits” so I feel this was just nonsense to justify the change.

The only genuinely good use of transfers is for moving characters off realms that have been slated for deletion. Under such circumstances, the service should be (and iirc, always has been) complimentary.

Each character migration creates destructive ripples across realm communities and, for any other conditions, ought to be avoided.

That said, Free Xfers to the PvE East & PvP West have been (and still are) unlimited in Classic Era for over a year. During this time, players have thoroughly yet unsurprisingly abused the volatile dev tool.

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One word: better

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No, the GENUINELY good use for server transfers is for those returning to Era to get on an active hub and off a dead server. This type of thing was SCREAMED for back in the day when people were trapped, and instead of addressing it directly Sharding was implemented.

That’s the FOMO Retail Brain talking. It is the developers’ responsibility to maintain a healthy community. They are the groundskeeper for the realms. By settling for a transfer service, you are absolving them of their negligence.

Silly Despitebeing, theres no difference between Server Transfers regardless of how you cut it, influx, diaspora, its all the same. Kinda like how you said playing on era servers is like playing fresh classic.

Id totally do that…

if you brought back cloning