Character transfer after automatic move

I had an alliance warlock on Incendius that was automatically moved to Sulfuras and that server is severely imbalanced… I no longer have an option to free xfer.

Has Blizzard said if there’s any plan to allow characters that were forcefully moved to a new server a free transfer off? I don’t think the automatic move was communicated very well, as I had no idea it was happening until I logged in after maintenance and my character(s) were missing.

Now do they expect us to pay money to transfer off this server because I can’t do a single quest without getting ganked by 5-6 horde. I can’t even play the game, and was forced to move.

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They did a horrible job with communication. With that said, don’t expect free transfers and expect to pay, because Blizzard is going to do just as bad a job handling this lol


Unfortunately, the only way you’re getting free transfers from Sulfuras is if Blizzard offers free transfers off of the server.

There might be people (allies) coming back for Wrath who find their characters there and just start playing but yes the Sulfruas server as it stands is not great, especially for the alliance.

There should have been something as “game news” in the game itself and yellow text when logging into affected servers about what was going to happen but nope, just here and from news places talking about it.

Sorry that you have to deal with this.

Highly unlikely as they gave their absolutely awful “we told you” message to us that reached none of us via a reliable source like email. Its just blizzard being blizzard what can you do.

We should’ve just expected them to do something they’ve literally never done ever, our bad


My character that got moved by blizzard can’t even get a paid transfer. it say I’m on a cooldown and it won’t allow me to even pay for a transfer.

Yeah my horde characters from fairbanks were moved there, totally wanted to switch latency from US West to East, thanks blizz.

When they said they were going to merge realms they made it sound like it was going to be a new server, not an existing one.

If this was the plan they could’ve told us months ago what server they were sending us all to, had I known the destination was surfuras I would’ve just went to grobbulus when it was free.

Rough I know, only had 2 months notice and a pinned blue post (June 6th) explaining in detail what server you would get moved to if you didn’t actively choose your own server prior to August 9th.

So what happened? I just happened to see the other day that my level 60 paladin ended up on Sulfurus even though I clicked to have him stay on a forever vanilla server?

I cant even find my 60 rogue from Kirtonos… Its suppossed to be on Sulfuras, but NOTHING in ANY realm

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Dude we do ahve lifs, we dont come to the forum to see that, we didnt even got an email…

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Been unable to play my character as well been over a week and still no luck. Sucks my game time is ticking and i cant even play my character =( (Also you needed an active sub to complete the transfer so if you were away there is nothing you could’ve done).


It was also on the launcher for a while as well.