Character name not released after two expansions

I have been attempting to procure the name Religion on Stormrage and it says that the name is taken, but when I go to see how long the name has been inactive I have found it has been inactive since WoD but was never released. Could I happen to get this reviewed so that I could obtain this name on Stormrage?

A GM will not be able to intervene. The system is automated now, but it isn’t looking at character-specific activity, it’s looking at license/account activity.

A player can have up to 50 characters on a license and up to eight licenses on a Blizzard Account. If any of those up-to-400 (and maybe more, if it includes Classic) characters have been active in that two-expansion window, it will not be flagged for release.


Id hazard a guess tho that would be a name on the restricted list…just saying. Also the whole account needs to be inactive, not just that name. The person could be actively playing another toon


this would be my guess too


First off, the name might be on the blocked list. Not certain.

Either way it has not been inactive for two full expansions. End of BFA would be two film cycles. And this is assumi g the person has not renewed for a month of time anywhere in Legion or BFA. If they did, that reset the expansion cycle.


Just to confirm, yes - a character can go unused for numerous expansions and never be released if the account the name is on does not go inactive.