Character Avatar not showing in Armory

I created and boosted my toon “Lifecycle-Sargeras” a week ago, he’s a Night Elf who I made with the skin recolor as 13 (Night Warrior) I changed it to 8 almost 40 hours ago I believe, assuming Night Warrior was causing his model to not appear, but it hasn’t changed. He’s never had a model showing up in the armory since his creation.

This is true for all the characters I’ve created in the past several days. I only see a silhouette. Transmog for other characters also hasn’t updated at all since then. There must be an issue preventing the models from syncing visually. A lot of times there’s a delay of a day or two, but it’s been unusually long.

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It’s been over 2 weeks and still hasn’t been updated to show an avatar on WoW Armory…

I’ve noticed this same issue with this character, my Druid.

I’ve tested it out by making both small and major transmog changes, clearing all of my devices internet history cache, reloading, etc., but my characters appearance isn’t updating in the Armory at all. It’s still the same outfit I had over 3 weeks ago.

Same here just for one new character. Also have this issue on the same character.

It’s already been reported, and contacted a GM on live chat about it. They said to post here too.

i’m not sure why they’d say that.
this is the forum for in game bug reports.
this is a website issue, which will be dealt with by the web team (which is why there is a different forum section for website bugs)