Changes to Korrak's Revenge

We have been reviewing your feedback since this event started and while acquiring supplies from the mines and mounts for the ram and wolf riders does contribute to the battle, we agree that these can be a bit repetitive. To that end, we are converting a number of quests within the Battleground into dailies and removing the reward for the repeatable turn-ins. Then to keep the focus on the BG, the amount of Timewarped Badges for both winning and losing are being doubled to 20 and 10 respectively.

Thank you for your feedback and we’ll see you out there!


Great change TBH, that way mount collectors are not just in the mines all day and the focus moves over to PvP more. With that said, any word on how much those daily turn-ins will be for which respective quests?

Any chance the Wolf/Ram taming quest can be changed so everyone can do it at least once a day instead of the first 25 turn ins since they are being changed to reward badges once a day?


Awesome! Maybe the mount hunters will actually PvP now instead of hiding behind a tree on the sides.


I can understand removing the badges from those specific, or well making them into a daily, but shouldnt you add the timewalker badges to more quests? Most quests and turn ins dont reward them (people reported this on PTR) More specifically:

Armor turn in rewards the badges but the Elemental lord quests turn in or aerial turn ins dont. The focus should be on the pvp and winning no?


Honestly, I was surprised the blood turn-ins didn’t give badges. Out of all the materials that drop, flesh, blood, ect there are several quests that just don’t give anything.

I think that is a fair question to ask on why only certain quests give badges.


/10 char




Also, can the HP of the guards be looked at…we’re all getting 2 shot by them :confused:


** Moo. ftfy :stuck_out_tongue:

These are good changes, but I really think the quests should’ve been all pvp oriented to begin with. That and the problem being that you’re only giving loot from player kills to one person, maybe give it to everyone who tagged them? Healers and ranged are having a hard time collecting armor, despite killing plenty of peeps.


What? Do you mean the damage of the guards? Personally I have had no real issue with them. The Guards are suppose to hit hard, you are not suppose to be able to solo the guards at Graveyards, Bunkers, ect. AV is built to be a group effort.

The thing is that this is a throwback to Vanilla’s AV and Vanilla AV had a lot of PvE content in it. The reason they are doing Korrak’s Revenge is for the 15th anniversary of WoW, including Vanilla’s AV.


Do the dailies give the same EXP for leveling alts as they did, when they were one-offs?

Hoping that they still do, as it would be very upsetting if they no longer give experience. A lot of people are using Korrak’s to level alts that have sat around for a while, and it feels really great to see all the dings.


I don’t know about that came in spent 45 mins got 25 for the entire run mainly by pvping and turning in medals… Wasn’t that easy.


The dartboard is the answer to all mysteries in WoW.


What’s the frigging POINT of increasing BG completion TW badge rewards… if those don’t count for the mount?

Or was that FINALLY hotfixed?

The thing is that this is a throwback to Vanilla’s AV and Vanilla AV had a lot of PvE content in it. The reason they are doing Korrak’s Revenge is for the 15th anniversary of WoW, including Vanilla’s AV.

When people remember old AV they remember one of two things:

The boss rush race or the long, long, LONG AV experience.

Now, I dunno about you, but I think the authentic old school av experience is the long turtle AV’s. I’m not sure why you remember the small pve elements more.


Yeah it counts. I’ve been afking it and i’m already 20% on the mount. Been playing hearthstone battlegrounds on my other monitor

Your personal opinion.

Also, to add on to that, they are not exclusive to each other. I can remember Vanilla AV for more than just one or two things. I remember it for the Big Battles and PvE Aspects compared to literally every other BG that lacked PvE aspects.

Because said PvE elements contributed to the overall game but buffing soldiers, buffing players, sending out bombing strikes on the enemy team, summoning giant’s to fight for you, ect.

I would argue that if you don’t remember the PvE aspects of the fight then did you really experience Vanilla AV :thinking:


Eh, the point is, that those pve elements then didn’t pull you out of the fight. They were summoning Giants and buffing guards, which helped both offensively and defensively to reinforce the pvp elements of the game. Those turtles were won by having who summoned their big dude first, and who kept it alive.

The quests from Korrak’s Revenge are literally pulling people away from pvp entirely in favor of farming mines for boxes and taming rams/wolves, because its more efficient for the mount than winning or killing was (so they thought). Its fundamentally flawed and doesn’t echo the original design of even old av, and that’s my point. And yes, I was there. :thinking:


Okay, but on that regard I have already said–

In fact its literally the first comment on this thread, so I don’t understand what the point you are trying to make is when I am agreeing with you that this is a great change in getting people out and into the battle instead of sitting in the mines all day farming infinitely repeatable badges :thinking:

Hmm interesting change.
The mine contribution does contribute a ton to the battle though right?
Like, it still needs to be done to summon the commandos which dominate for alliance (and are bugged for horde lul.)

This is still the best way to clear a swath south, so people have to do it regardless.

Does worry me a bit, because the problem was going to solve itself over time.
Makes me think you got suckered into listening to the people who just want the mount so they could never do it again.

But anyway changing the ending rewards is a very nice change.

Looking forward to seeing how the general tactics evolve after these adjustments.

Here’s hoping for a permanent place in the game for this amazing event!