Changes to Korrak's Revenge

But you’re not agreeing with me though, because you’re only reading what you want to read. I said it wasn’t enough:

That and the problem being that you’re only giving loot from player kills to one person, maybe give it to everyone who tagged them? Healers and ranged are having a hard time collecting armor, despite killing plenty of peeps.

I honestly don’t know why you’re arguing with me, its like you saw peeps liked what I said and had to interject.

Thank god I finished getting the mount this weekend.


The result will be more grind than ever, now.

AV takes up to 6 hours to finish if people is not doing what they are supposed to do (which is 80% of the time). Great way to nerf it down, Blizzard.


I sure am glad I got mine done early. lol


This change was approached very poorly. Pulling badges off the Armor Scraps turn-in especially is very unintuitive; turning those in was always a part of old AV.

Should have just taken badges off rams/mines and added badges to crystals/bloods. The win/loss bump is nice but if you only do those it still takes ten wins to get the mount. The time grind has increased drastically.


Too far in the other direction there blizzard. The quests need to be able to be done to spawn the npcs. Just have it only give a reward the first time and resets daily but you can still do the quests to spawn the npcs.

And please tell me you guys didnt turn the armor scraps into a daily as well, you know the one that encourages pvp?


While I’m glad I got the mount few days ago i still think TW badges should be available for also pvping or doing objectives like capture gy or tower, no real incentive now to do AV as theres no way to grind it out 3 hour AVs for just 10 or 20 badges not a really good handoff their Blizz, if you gonna remove them from repeatables you gotta give incentives throughout than just to look at the very end of the BG no point in sticking around i see many unfilled groups in the future


So what I’m seeing is a knee-jerk reaction that took a week to implement. Good grief.


I am now pleased that I spent the time on my DK to harvest a mountain or two of scraps for the quests.


I’m telling you guys, if you dont have the mount just AFK it and play a game on a 2nd monitor. You most likely wont get kicked and if you get the countdown there are the other faction’s players around. Just hit them once and you cant get kicked

It’s really good to level alts. Passive 30 mins / A level. Even better if you have the two PvP heirlooms that do the 50% bonus XP


Double isn’t enough to make up for that. You got 10 for winning, 5 for losing. Double is 20 for winning, 10 for losing. If you win all your games (not likely), that’s 10 games. If you lose, that’s 20 games. These games take at least an hour+ each even without people doing the dailies. That is A LOT of time and A LOT of grinding.

It’s gonna take twice as long to get it done now. If they upped it to like 50 for wins, 25 for losing, I’d be fine with it then. That gives proper incentive and makes it fun. As it currently stands, groups are gonna fill up much slower because all incentive was killed with the removal of the dailies.


Wow. Im glad I got my ram a few days ago. It’ll be nearly impossible to get them now.


Same. I couldn’t imagine actually farming this now. This is going to be pure hell for players who don’t at least halfway enjoy old AV that lasts for hours. I’m happy with the changes but I like old AV, so now it will be played more properly. It just sucks for the players that want the mount that don’t already have it because most won’t get it now.

I don’t know if I should laugh at them or cry with them. lol

edit: Just saw the new dailies on Wowhead. From a pure time /played perspective it’s much better since you can do them fast and get the heck out of there. Going to be a revolving door of players, but I guess that’s how it is already.


Looks like they bumped the dailies to 10 badges (5% progress). That’s…better but still eh. Would have just made sense to leave them on one of the most-used turn-ins (scraps) and add them to the second-most turned in (crystals/bloods).


You know, I’m glad that me and my wife got our achieve/mounts just this morning before this happened, now people will just do the ones they can and leave, making the matches take even longer.
Maybe if there was actually a substantial reward for playing a single BG for more than 2 hours at times then maybe, MAYBE people wouldn’t be looking for alternate ways to get the badges to get a mount.

Just a thought.


What, exactly, is the point of upping the badges for winning/losing when those don’t count towards the mount? This is just going to make getting the mount take even longer, as well as require people to do at least one a day.

They do count. It’s just doubled. Wins used to be a 5% increase, now they will fill the bar by 10%. Granted, I think it should be more because wins take FOREVER, but that’s just me.

They literally do count. Was at 40% and lost now I’m at 45%

At least keep the armor scraps turn-in reward for repeats. You actually have to kill enemy players for those (I know NPCs can die for them, too, but still).