Why the negativity over AV grind?

2 months of doing a mind numbing activity is just as bad as a week of doing a mind numbing activity.

It isnt fun, it is boring, it has no fun involved in it, it is ultra repetitive and has no redeeming value unlike other types of grinding.

It literally only exists because some people like to feel better by having limited time mounts even if they look bad.

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so mvps projecting is still a thing I see…

yikes forever.

It will get worse as time goes on, it would be wise of you to get this done asap.

Its isles expedition 2.0. Pre-fix,There was no real point in winning if you capped azerite for the week. You wanted instead to farm specific mobs and let the rival team win since that way you ensured chances at mounts you wanted.
Proof that they learned nothing from isles and didn’t think or bother to test this before it went live.

As a BM hunter, I didn’t have much of a problem getting scraps. So no, melee do not have the advantage. They only do if you let them.

Just letting everyone here know about this post since it was put in the Battlegrounds sub-forum.

This should move more of the focus back over to PvP with the rewards being daily instead of infinitely repeatable. Looks like they are also buffing the badges you get for a win/loss to 20/10 respectively.


I’m surprised. Truly. These are good changes though, in my opinion. They basically addressed all of the issues that people have.

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But doing quest helps with winning, having constant reinforcements, upgrading units, and summons are all good. I have not lost an AV yet despite every game I go into people a crying that some went mines.

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It does. But when that’s the focus of half the raid then it’s just bad design. The focus should largely be on the PvP aspect itself. Killing enemy players, taking territory, etc.

I dunno, I think the questing aspect is great, looking at IoC and retail AV its just zerg fests. The design of old AV is slowly picking the enemy apart and keeping your NPC’S and posts healthy. I played for 2 and a half hours on the front line, over three times the healing of anyone else, 708 HKs. I delt like I did nothing but hold a line until the people doing the quests summoned our ancient and it pushed in for the win.

See? Occasionally they do hear and are going to change the quests and badge drops in old AV

if the average is 5 games then do one a week will still be enough to get at least 99% of the way there. maybe sooner. :thinking:

When games last 2 - 4+ hours, that isn’t worth it. The time invested doesn’t match the reward.

Don’t you not have any cast-time abilities keeping you still, though? I feel like running in to snatch things from dying players would be counterproductive for me.

Hopefully the changes to make some quests dailies makes it better, though.

Hours is not an acceptable respawn.

Try ~15-20 minutes…

To you, I mostly play it for the fun of the BG. Took one night to get to 60% and I didn’t get half my quests done so I can probably polish it off in one more. But I’m going to keep running it for fun, if anything these mounts are just handed away, the DW one is way to easy to get that most people got in 30 mins of starting.

lol oh man. I sure am glad I got my achieve done early before these changes come into play. I’ll for sure enjoy AV more now since it’ll be focused more on PvP but good luck on actually getting your achieves done! lol

I didn’t think much of the complaints when I saw them. Just though “some PvPers will complain about having to do anything but fight other players”. Then I actually tried some of those 2 badge per pop quests. Pure fail. Farming Slayer drops in Trashran was more fun.

My understanding its the way the grind works people are bothered by. It encourages people to ignore winning the battle.