Champion's Seal - Shadowlands pre-patch

I was farming Champio’ns Seal to get mounts from WOTLK however, its phased now, with npcs dead or not there.
Can i travel back in time in order to keep the farm?

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I don’t believe there is currently an option for that, no. The area is under attack from the scourge and likely won’t return to normal until after the event is over.

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That is sad… Did all daileis and quests in 30 minutes and was to keep my farming.

Many players still farm that currency, wonder if its possible to implement it.

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It will be back when the pre-expansion event is over in 2 weeks. Until then, patience my young grass hopper.


Just echoing the sentiment that it would be nice to continue doing the Argent Tournament dailies for the mount grind. While I understand it is “only two weeks”, it is also a period of downtime in the game cycle where it is the PERFECT two weeks to finish up farming another mount (where as at Shadowlands launch, I’ll be leveling multiple alts and professions etc). It was a nice relaxing thing to do while I was sipping my coffee in the morning, waiting for SLs :slight_smile: I understand if no time swapping NPC can be added, just wanting to put in my vote that I would love it if it were!

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I just want to say that this is really frustrating. I’ve been doing these dailies for 24 days to get the Argent Gruntling saddle so that I could have a portable bank while leveling in Shadowlands. I’m literally 6 seals away (less than one day of dailies) and I can’t complete the grind because I assumed there would be a Bronze Dragon allowing us to swap the zone back to normal.

You can’t even zone into the 5man dungeon right now for some reason. This is so obnoxious.

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It’s so lazy on Blizzard’s end. Phasing is done so easily nowadays. You can do it instantly with party sync, but you lose your quest progress. It’s so simple for blizzard to just copy paste Zidormi into Icecrown but they chose not to because “iTs OnLy TwO wEeKs.”

Yeah, cus in two weeks on a fresh expansion launch I wanna go back and finish my last Argent Tournament dailies instead of yknow, the dead period during pre-patch

Exactly… I was doing this while waiting for XP launch.
In two weeks a new patch will be live and we will not have time/reason to farm old content.

This is really frustrating.

Any feedback should be directed to the General forums as the development team doesn’t come to the CS forums for suggestions/concerns/etc.

That way at least your voices will be heard.