Chain Harvest instead of Primo wave for enhance tree

I have been going over the Shaman talent calculators today and have been primarily very exicted and pleased with what I’ve seen.

However, one major issue sticking out to me like a sore thumb is the fact that the enhancement tree has primordial wave instead of chain harvest.

Having primordial wave for ele and resto is the correct decision, but it is essentially useless for enhancement, and chain harvest is the only real covenant option enhance had for shadowlands covenants. There will be no real value taking it in the tree for DF and i can foresee pretty much every shaman avoiding it in their builds.

Im worried that the devs have decided that a blood spell is not thematic for a shaman and are taking the lazy approach by just not including it, rather than giving it a simple recolour/rename to make it fit better.

Chain harvest and its synergy with maelstrom weapon is the staple cooldown that made enhancement exciting and enjoyable in shadowlands, and thus pretty much every enhancement shaman picked venthyr accordingly.

Blanketing this spell across all three specs is not the way to go when it is only viable for 2/3 imo.

Please make the effort to substitue priordial wave for chain harvest for the enhancement tree specifically, (or at least make it a secondary choice for that talent slot) i guarantee the shaman community will show nothing but praise.

(speaking in terms of an arena players perspective)*


tbh they could easily just make it a pvp talent that replaced chain lighting, or just as a standalone spell


for sure, as long as its an option its all good!


the changes to lavalash spreading flame shock in 9.2 has made PW the pick for m+/cleave fights this season in pve and Night Faye is generally picks for single target focus because it synergises well with the set bonus.

Hope you get the option you want but i actually prefer the playstyle PW offers in PVE.



Just make chain harvest a PvP talent. Its an uninteresing spell that requires no interatcion from the player and is just bad gameplay design.

Lazy design i just adding another button press that doesnt build into anything else.


It’s a fun button to press, and I want it back. Not for pvp exclusively because that’s not what I play.


As a resto main I am right there with you. Primordial wave will see resto shamans be the bottom tier healer next expac. Primordial wave sucks. We need chain harvest if we want any chance of being brought to CE kills

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If you spec into the follow-on talent, you can generate up to 10 MSW every 45 seconds when you cast it. That’s pretty huge for enhance and makes it very different and much more impactful than the SL version.

I don’t love the design of primordial wave and would have happily bid it farewell. But I really wanted an instant MSW generator and here it is.

I don’t think I’d ever not take it because of that.

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Necrotic wave works so much better in SL for Enhance than CH. It has real syngery and they way theyre bringing in the covenant legendary benefit makes it even more impactful than CH.

Every build I’ve seen will require prim wave and prim wave is just a top tier option to take to maximize enh shaman.

Chain Harvest in itself is a lazy ability that does nothing that a 10 point Chain Lightning won’t do in DF. Want to spread Flame Shock? Lava Lash.

Want to do huge chain dmg, 10 point CL.

Prim Wave is the correct choice for Enhancement and it shows with it being the premier covenant for shaman in this raid tier. Given that they’re taking the passives, conduits, legendary items that make it the best and putting them in the talent tree shows this.

Chain Harvest is a lazy, uninteresting, and dead spell. Let it die in Shadowlands.


Hard agree.

Chain harvest is a combination of chain lightning and chain heal (which actually would make life easier) but it’s a lazy way out. Primordial wave has a lot more functionality with the way it interacts with our abilities via FS and LB that it’s a much more fun and interesting ability.


I’d honestly rather see neither in the enhance tree, and I feel like they are trying to shoehorn in covenant abilities due to the work that was put into them. I’d rather see something completely new much like how evoker has these crazy new 2022 spells.

I love when a DH complains about lazy design when DHs press one button and it does multiple different things for them …

I dont play DH much and i agree dh is lazy!

Thst being said, chain harvest is lazy design. Hey lets make a chain heal, chain light ing hybrid that hits like a truck. Hey, thatz not easy enough let make it apply flame shock too. Lazy design.

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I’ll be honest I main Resto Shaman and love using Primordial Wave so I’m glad that’s in, feels smooth and fluid to use, I love it but I off spec as Enhance more so for solo content and vastly prefer chain harvest over Primordial Wave, just feels better to use to me and my preference of choice.

Hopefully in future they could change the talents around specifically just for Enhance.


I don’t understand why people are harping on about Chain Harvest being better than Primordial Wave in shadowlands. In M+ PW and certain bosses in raid PW is SOOOO much better than chain harvest. in M+ 5 or so LB’s going out wasaz a massive amount of damage plus the haste was like a mini blood lust. The damage you did thanks to PW out did any damage chain harvest had to offer…in PVE situations. Now if we are tlaking pvp then yes chain harvest is the better option as chain harvest in pvp was one of our highest damage and healing spells.

Now for the DragonFlight talents i didlike how they broke the Primordial Wave spell up and put the haste part of the spell as a bottom talent and also took away the chance for it to refresh itself.


I’m getting a lot of replies that disagree with my opinion on this from PvE players, let me be clear, my stance is strictly from an arena perspective, primordial waves dominance in raids or M+ is completely irrelevant to what I am talking about. Enhancement straight up does NOT play necro in arena. every enhance is venthyr and that is for very good reason.

Having said this, I do not have alpha and sadly cannot test the NEW primordial wave, so I can have no opinion on if it is good for enhance, I would certainly love to test it.

But at this point in time of SL, you cannot play primo wave viably in arena, go look up every single enhance on the ladder and you will see what I mean.


Yes please.

Primordial wave being a 45 second cooldown with a chance to reset cooldown feels so bad to play.

edit: just learned you don’t need to pick that talent lol my bad. still don’t like primordial wave healing, only use in live is to exploit the 100% haste buff in raid

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You might have wanted to mention that in the original post that you were stating it for pvp.

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This is an extremely inaccurate (and wrong) statement.

Also, primordial wave PLA/fire nova gameplay >>>>>> chain harvest.

Harvest is lazy.


I generally believe the way Prim wave is talented and setup with overloaded maelstrom youre going to have the damage of CH along with the cleave that Prim wave provides.

You get a flame shock on one, lava lash, hit prim wave on another which instantly gives you 10 maelstrom, triple nuke on opponents, gain almost 20% haste on top of Lust, hit doomwinds and wolves in that rotation at some point and just melt people.

You’re getting more from prim wave + Overloaded maelstrom than just a simple CH. There’s setup but its smooth.