Centaur Mounts Ploix

Since it’s unlikely Centaurs will ever be playable because life is sad, could we please have Centaurs as mounts?

Especially girl Centaurs :smiley:


Gosh, yes.


While I can see the attraction, I’m vastly in favor of mounts that don’t talk back.

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I dunno. A mount that talks back might be cool for awhile.

Back in Borderlands 2, there was a sniper rifle named “A Rose By Any Other Name”. Boy oh boy was she a druish princess as Mel Brooks would say.

“If you were a better shot you wouldn’t need to reload”

“There are children on Promethea who can’t afford ammo, you know”

“Most serial killers thought they were good people, too”

“Wonderful shot. Murderer”

“You can’t ignore me”

“You wait 'till I tell your father”

“They have feelings too, you know.”

“You’re wasting ammo”

“By not donating to charity you indirectly murder thousands of people every day”

“That was murder, by most definitions”

“Maybe they were just having a bad day”

“You don’t exercise as often as you should… fatty”

I’m pretty sure she said “mother was right about you” at least once too. But then again, I probably had it coming. :laughing:

I dunno. I sort of liked the abuse. Hung onto that rifle for waaaay too long, until I was just too underpowered while using it. /sigh… I kinda miss that lass


so we’re gonna take the 2 things that define the Alliance; Humans and Horses, and combine them into one great mount? fantastic idea i love it.

always wanted to mount a centaur anyways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’m remembering an incident from the '70s or '80s, maybe apocryphal, where a senior Russian pilot in East Germany was having some problems with his MiG-23. Radio intercepts showed that his terrain avoidance system was active. Same as ours, it’s a female voice saying, “Pull up, pull up.”

The last thing on the tape before impact was the pilot screaming, “Shut up, *****, and stop telling me how to fly an airplane!”

(I sympathize – in simulators I spend a lot of time telling b****in’ Betty to shut up.)


Guys, the Centaur doesn’t need to talk.

Dragons can talk on lore, yet no Dragon mount talks.


I must concur with this suggestion. It is a good thing I have been practicing riding bare back.


Yes but, can we have a talking druish princess centaur mount??


NGL I laughed out loud at this.


And ever since then, any time I offer to give someone a ride in travel form I require them to wear pants.


I don’t even want to know how you are going to steer it…

One of the main reasons the Tauren joined the horde. We have come full circle.

Goes to buy Centaur mount at the vendor. Well this is definitely not awkward …


I don’t want to see Centaur mounts but I do want to see Centaur as a playable race. They have two tribes in Desolace so they could just give one to Horde and other to Alliance. Add in different customizations and skin color and we’re good to go.

:+1: To playable Centaur.


You tell the centaur where to go, like a GPS. Except the navigation will be sassy, back talking and telling you to stop being a back seat driver.


If it gives them a reason to finally update the stone age centaur models then I’m all for it! :slight_smile:

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I will continue to put in suggestions that centaurs at least get an HD model update… because… Yikes. =(


Obviously, by tickling their armpits. Left to turn left, right to turn right.

Or… Just ask. Centaurs are intelligent. They understand spoken word lol

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Common man why cant you talk to pvp players? Every other topic has been commented on by you guys EVEN PET BATTLES … WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

Why would anyone want to?

I jest :rofl: