<Celestials> is selling Ny'alotha!

<Celestials> is selling Normal and Heroic Ny’alotha, the Waking City for Alliance!
We accept gold on just about any server!

12/12N - 350k (445 ilvl)
12/12H (includes AOTC) - 1.5mil (460 ilvl)
AOTC ONLY (just N’zoth with mount) - 500k (460 ilvl)

WITH LOOT TRADE (cannot guarantee corrupted gear)
12/12N - 700k (445 ilvl)

Mythic+6 in time - 150k - loot stack +30k
Mythic +10 in time - 275k - loot stack + 50k

If you’re looking for something that’s not listed, just let us know and we can probably work something out
Bnet: bgodbgg#1882
Discord: bgodbgg#4653