Catch Up with the Discoverer’s Delight Buff

Catch Up with the Discoverer’s Delight Buff

Join the path of discovery in Season of Discovery Phase 3. Players now get the benefit of the Discoverer’s Delight experience buff*, which increases experience gains by 150% for all players through level 39 and 100% for players level 40-49!

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give us new season 4 elite sets for pvp, you know, like you told us you would


you get em lol

Oh, for SOD.


Feels a little late.
If you buffed this exp gain like 2 weeks ago I’d probably hop back onto SOD, but Season 10.2.7 is tomorrow and MoP remix just over a week away. Not worth getting into SoD for 1 week.

Leveling is already fast enough. This is unnecessary.


I love how the classic devs understand endgame is the main part of the game and constantly give exp buffs to help people reach it on alts, or on their first toon, but retail devs throw us a bone once every 5 years.

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When can we get a buff in retail WoW? I have many characters level 60 i’d love to finish. And since we can’t transfer them to panda remix to level, we need an XP boost in retail



Is it fast enough though? I dunno. I don’t exactly love the grind at points. Incursions are popular because they allow you to power through an experience that isn’t exactly the best. I don’t really want to have to grind SM or ZF for hours and hours.

I’ll say I’m glad that this is coming with the weekly reset though. Last time Blizzard announced this ahead of time, the entire game shut down as people waited until the Discoverer’s Delight buff dropped.

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Man yall have really goofed bad. Its obvious folks have been leaving in droves. This is a feeble attempt to win them back after ignoring SOD for 2 weeks now.

Im sure excuses will come soon, that yall were listening all along, still care, team is small… whatever. But actions speak louder than words, and yall have made serious errors and are taking forever to correct them, or ignoring them outright.

This feeble attempt to win back a few people is sad.


You guys are so bad at delivering Classic experiences it’s not even funny.

You can already level from 40-50 in less than 6 hours. People aren’t gonna log in because you drop it to 4. They aren’t logging in because you’ve made a garbage product and mismanaged it to all hell.


These are not classic devs, they’re retail hacks and rejects.


Can you smell the desperation? A private server would be mocked so hard for turning on this level of fun exp, it would mean they are DESPERATE for players.

You love to see Tubs Greenfield fail. You love to see SoD fall flat on it’s face. :joy:


Catch up to what? Catch up to raid logging?


Step on down brother! You too can now skip the only remaining good parts of the phase to do a raid just hard enough to make it so you can’t relax but too easy to feel like it was a challenge you over came

You too can do world pvp on layered servers separating you from your faction and making it seem like your server is always majority what ever you ain’t!

For the low, low price of 40 hours of leveling you too can have your class nerfed every week tell you feel obligated to reroll! But hey then you get to do it all again!


Class nerfs are unironically the highest relatability factor available in the game for the meta chasing crowd lol

Too little, too late.


Bc retail lvling 1 to 70 takes 12 hrs lok

kind of late. i started sod 3 weeks ago lasted about a week until i realized the grind was still really bad for a temp server

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