Catalyst not transferring sockets

My current helm has leech and a socket, but when I put it in the creation catalyst, the tier helm in the preview window has no socket on it, but it does show the leech. Is this a bug, visual glitch, or intentional? I have not transformed my helm yet, since I don’t want to lose the socket on it.

My helm socket was added by a vault token.

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Its because the original item didnt proc with a socket spot. So technically you have an enchant/gem slot on the current helm. Not a helm with a gem slot

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…except that’s not how the Creation Catalyst worked during Shadowlands: If you had a manually added socket on a piece of gear and converted it into tier, it kept the socket.

Stands to reason that the DF Catalyst should do the same.

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If you don’t think it is working as intended, file a bug report. If you think it is working as intended, give feedback about any change you feel is appropriate.

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I went ahead and converted the helm to tier, hoping that the preview was wrong, but the socket did not carry over.
I am still unsure if it’s a bug or intended, but went and filed a bug report just in case.


I’m seeing this on the bug report - so I believe it’s a known issue. No other info on this one at the moment.