Cataclysm Classic: Leveling in a Shattered Landscape

Cataclysm Classic: Leveling in a Shattered Landscape

With the pre-expansion content update, players will experience a changed landscape in both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Players will be able to embark on new quests from level 1-60 in these transformed territories as well as begin their journey as one of the new goblin or worgen races.

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Are you kidding me I just purchased land in the Barrens.


Did you buy the insurance? :wink:


I sure did! flood insurance, wouldn’t want that type of damage for my place in the thousand needles! Some people say i got swindled for buying it in a desert!


Players can also enjoy an increased leveling rate through the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King content.

Just for clarity does this just mean joyous journey’s is still on for those levels and is it still 50%?

and is this what you were referring to in the classic launch info that says:

Improved Leveling Experience

Rise to new heights of power with a smoother and accelerated leveling experience.


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I’m wagering that means shrinking the XP requirement for each level a bit more.

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I’ll second that.

That would be nice. I’m hoping 1-80 will be faster in the pre-patch than it is currently.

Can we get some concrete number on the 60-80 exp boost?

Classic gets a little faster due to smoother linear questing. TBC Got a slight nerf. Example being currently 66 to 67 is 527k xp, on the beta that same level is 331k. WOTLK gets a massive nearly 50% nerf to needed xp for most levels, some seem even bigger than that.

Heres a youtube video from Scotteejaye where he goes over some of the numbers.


Would add not just the linear question itself, but putting dungeon quest givers IN dungeons is huge, vs having to go do a lvl 36-38 quest chain in Desolace to get a quest for SM Cath (lvl 28-31).

so… retail.


Nope. Cata is NOT retail.


Why not? And who cares? Can’t we just embrace that there are some things about Retail that we like?

I like the leveling experience in WoW Classic/Vanilla/Era much better than other versions of the game, and I prefer that the same content doesn’t change the ilvl of the gear it drops in WoW Classic/TBC Classic/Wrath Classic. I prefer the lack of dungeon finder in early Wrath and before Classic, I like being able to PVP in Arenas where I can choose whether I feel it is better for me to focus on 2s, 3s or 5s. Additionally, I like being able to choose the loot system that I’d like to play, even if that is GDKP.

While there are a few reasons there why I’d choose Classic (progression) over Retail, there are some things about Retail that I could enjoy (Arenas), and others that I’m sure lots of other people enjoy.

I’m looking forward to Arenas (and GDKPs) in Cata Classic.



Not gonna lie, i miss auto bag sorting and queue arena from anywhere, but i like the class design and gameplay of this era (hopefully in cata too, looking forward to it) much more than retail.

It should say, “Leveling in a watered down theme park devoid of any danger, and since you level so quickly you’re going to skip over half of it.”

Better advice is to stay on topic or don’t post at all.


Either play the game or don’t. I really don’t care. Just make up your mind and stop whining.

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I know that people are iffy on cata being released and the simple solution to that is dont play it.

For those that do want to play, mates, play to your hearts content.

I for one love that Blizzard has done these Classic releases. I was far to young to experience the original and classic days of WoW and each subsequent release.

Though Quality of Life additions would be nice like stack size increase. That would be a handy thing to have hahahaha

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It is when retail started in my opinion.

Cata isn’t bad though. I just hope we can get Permanent wrath classic servers to. Wrath will always be my favorite version of the game.

I personally just want both cata and permanent wrath. LIke there are cool things in cata. And there are alot of cool things in wrath to that cata took out. And vanilla wasn’t the best way of experiencing the original 1-60 overworld in my op. Wrath was along with dks and the talent trees and everything else wrath had. Wrath had alot of stuff vanilla didn’t have to.