Cataclysm “classic” is never going to happen

There is a reason the survey is out before wrath is even released, and it’s a joke it’s even floated. Blizzard knows it would be the biggest flop in WoW history.

Cataclysm is the full scale paradigm shift away from being an mmo and an rpg. Class and stat homogenization, pruning of iconic class abilities, removal of class quests, LFR, transmog, flying in Azeroth, decimation of the old world, ultra linear questlines that you out level before you finish, mobs don’t hit hard and there is no danger, destruction of talent trees, etc.

Cataclysm represents everything the core audience of classic has stated for 10+ years has ruined and destroyed WoW, and nobody currently playing classic who isn’t simultaneously playing retail has even a slight interest in it.

The only sensible choice is a classic+ based on an overhauled vanilla and new content patches or expansions after naxx based on the vanilla philosophy.


Hey, look!

The Cataclysm survey brought Blooddrunk back!

Don’t be so down on yourself, you might get your favourite expansion in a non-pirate version someday soon, Blooddrunk.


I actually like Cataclysm. Dragon Soul may have gone on too long, but as far as I remember, my main (Hunter) was incredibly fun to play and PvP as. There are many private servers who also have had successful runs on the Cata expansion, so it’s just blatantly false to say that there is no one interested in revisiting it.


I would play it. Why not.


I certainly hope cataclysm classic doesn’t happen. Much rather be either stuck in Wotlk realms and that’s it or do classic+.


It will happen but it wont be worthwhile or be financially smart.

Blizz would make more money by simply restarting WoW from classic into more SoM realms. So for that reason, I do not think they are dumb enough to do it, but the survey was a way for them to get an idea of how many players will actually pay the 15 a month to play on it vs how many players played SoM realms


I’ll play any expac up to and including MoP.


It will happen.


There would have to be a radical shift at Blizzard for any “plus” content as that would use creative assets. This old stuff is just reworking existing code. As for being stuck in a certain expac, well, players en mass have never lasted without something new. Maybe when Microsoft gets involved, but definitely not before.


I just played though it, it was classic tbc :slight_smile:

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Issue with Cata was how long the content releases were, classic would fix that.

Cata had decent raids.


Class and stat homogenization made playing the game boring regardless of the merits of the content itself. Either way, now the content was meh, TBC had the best raid content.


no one asked

Cata and MoP were ok. Worth playing for certain things.

WoD was when WoW radically changed. The entire design philosophy of the game shifted and it’s never been the same since.


retail zoomers don’t understand


The design philosophy did radically shift in cataclysm. Really WOTLK was the testing ground for the changes that put WoW on the path to what retail is today, cataclysm is just when they went all in.


So whats the plan? Start over? We saw SoM was a disaster and classic+ is not happening.

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SoM had horrible timing and not enough changes. Even with all that considered, SoM had 1 healthy server. People just couldn’t commit to 2 mmos with tbc out when most vanilla enthusiasts also love tbc and literally just finished vanilla.


Tbc was too easy.

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Meh, for some things. But the game was still fun. Accessibility was not bad for the game, despite what some people claim.

WoD is when the game became a job. A chore full of tasks you had to do. Fun was completely abandoned. Hell, they removed flying from the game, they were so determined to slow players down and control how people played.

It was the streamlining of the entire experience. Ion and his beloved player analytics.