Cata is coming too fast

I don’t know why they are pushing content this fast, again you are being led by the top .5% player base, original WOTLK was longer than this, you extended Ulduar for a reason and some of the changes you did allow us to enjoy more the content, now you are pushing SOD, CATA, Retail, Hardcore all at once, splitting the players, WOTLK is pretty much dead atm, SOD didn’t had to be push this fast. at this point the only thing that will give you more money is making a new wow that will unify the player base. Right now there is no future for wow. As many have mention nobody wants to play CATA, don’t push it so fast into us.


Not fast or soon enough.


I just Op-In to Cataclysm Beta


^^ He’s right you know.

Not fast enough.

Id like to see each expansion last 9 months. 3 major phases with 3 months each. Increase loot drops / rep gains to accommodate faster schedule release.


yeah but will it be worth the wait. is blizzard going to re-release Cata as it was back in the day, or are they going to add this rune crap to the markup. I hope they don’t add this rune crap and leave Cata as it was/is.


Wrath will be almost 2 years which is as long as the original lifetime lol


Up to ICC release, Wrath Classic lasted about as long as original. We just aren’t going to have ICC for almost a year prior to Cata.


what do you mean too fast? Cata isn’t releasing until Summer 2024 as per their roadmap. that’s still at least 5 months away


Actually I misread the timeline. Cata isn’t until almost summer next year. Could be May or even early June. That’s so far away.

Surprised to learn the original Cata pre-patch was 2 months long. Guess I’d forgotten that. Wonder how long it’ll be this time. Plus, it originally didn’t include Worgen or Goblins, but yet seems to in Cata Classic? But how do you add those races without changing all of Azeroth with the new world? Which, again, didn’t happen in the original pre-patch. Wonder how they’ll handle all that.

Probably 1 month

That’d turn each expansion into a slightly-longer version of a season of Destiny 2 or Diablo 4 instead of an actual EXPANSION.

Some of us have actual lives and can’t dedicate 14 hours a day every day to a single game.


yeah I really dont know whats going on with people. Either way having some many version of the game is pointless, we are divided, all games are dead atm, only whoever is offering fresh content gets played.

Had this game been treated properly, I’d agree with you. But wrath has been ruined and its players pillaged by SOD. At this point, the ICC buff and ruby sanctum can’t come fast enough. Many guilds won’t survive 2023, dying out before ruby sanctum is even released.

I’m not sure what you are alluding too that requires excessive playtimes. There is no epic storyline, that starts in MoP or WoD and can quite literally be done in like 8 hours of play time. Even if you play 4 hours a week thats 2 weeks.

Reputation gains? You want to raid and BIS gear on raid logging for 6 months?

Adding extra loot and increasing reputation gains would account for faster releases. It’s been done already for other games and it is the future of wow even if it upsets you.

Why don’t you elaborate on what requires 14 hour playtime a day in this game? A single daily dungeon…15 minutes…

1 night a week raid zone… 3 hours…

What else requires you to be online forever? Please refrain from comments that are complete fallacy that you can’t even produce a single logical argument.

Leveling up…about 15 hours playtime…2 weeks for an ultra casual. 1-2 days for the hardcores… 5 days for the average joe.

Yeah what I said is correct man. Each phase should = 1 season. We aint getting any younger. WE the people would like to go through the storylines again before we are 75 and retired.

Some of us like to actually level through the world, on multiple alts, without zooming through it so fast that you miss half the zones. Some of us like to split our time between classic, wrath, and hardcore. I have years more of Wrath that I would play, mount and rep farming on my main and leveling my alts, if they would just leave us a server or two.

15 hours of playtime for leveling to max sounds disgustingly fast. I average around 6-8 days /played per character in wrath and classic era and that’s a satisfying speed to me.


yeah there are those who no life tryhard the game constantly,

and then there’s everybody else
I liked Wrath because I could still raid, PVP, professions etc. hop on for 1 or 2 hours, then have a life outside the game. The reason streamers gravitate towards Classic vanilla is so they can play it 10 hours a day


You can’t get 80 to 85 in 15 hours what do you even do? How is that fast? If you turned on walk and were afk 50% you would still cruise.

Come again try another approach. All your alts are going to be 80 by now…you have had JJ for months.

Sounds like a personal problem if you split time between 3 versions of the game.

Cut down to 2. Trust that you don’t need 15 months on an expansion and the ultra majority agrees with that.

You literally contradicted yourself.

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Cross realm everything and or merge the realms. Let people enjoying wotlk have a healthy unified playerbase and we’ll be fine. Whether or not it rolls right into cata up until that point wotlk will probably be fine

too fast ? yeah let’s give naxx and tocg another go until summer :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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We should be on the prepatch right now.
Too much time wasted in uldutrash and not releasing ruby sanctum with ICC to stretch wrath of the wotlk.