Cata classic will be better than WOTLK Classic

Yea I said it.

Cata has better raids and dungeons overall the only bad part about Cata was how long the patches took to roll out but Classic will fix that with 3 month phases.

Wotlk only had Ulduar and ICC, Naxx isn’t new and it had 3 1 boss raids…



As someone who quit at the end of Wrath, I would be interested in trying Cata Classic if it became a thing.

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I don’t know about this, but I do think that Cata will be better received this time around if they go that far.

Personally, I didn’t like that they simplified gearing, but that’s not a huge deal.

My favorite Wow class is Cataclysm Elemental Shaman. And you know I’d be down for more of that brother.


Think about it tho,.WOTLK only had 2 good raids, it also had a bunch of bad raids like the 1 boss raids, Malygos, Onyxia and Sartharion.

The Cata raids were just better overall and so we’re the dungeons.

Cata wasn’t well received back then simply because how long the content patches took to come out but Classic would fix this.

Go on to Cata if you want, I’ll be staying in Wrath.


I can agree with this.

Cata wasn’t received well because the game was at a crossroad. Wrath had started to alienate a lot of the old school crowd with easy heroics, professions being reduced in importance, and other issues. They were starting to leave the game. The numbers don’t show that because a LOT of new players joined the game around the same time. Then Cata came out. The dungeons were very well designed. So were the raids. However, the “wrath babies” who were used to the easy Wrath heroics were not having fun in heroics that were almost like mini raids in terms of personal responsibility. They were one the forums all the time asking for nerfs. Ghostcrawler even made a post about how the team undertuned the Wrath heroics, and that heroics were supposed to be hard and weren’t going to be nerfed…only to nerf them all a week or two later. This made a lot of the old school crowd give up on the game because they felt like they had lost it to the “casuals” and the “bads”.

It’s going to be interesting to see if they give us the nerfed heroics or the original ones.


WotLK won’t have worgen. And the zones are all intact.


It also had the best quest with those 3 dudes all having different ways to beat Deathwing and the gnome just wanted to punch Deathwing in the face.


You forgot trial of the grand crusader… the best raid ever >.>

Obviously, there’s not going to be any skipping WotLK C and there’s no saying we’ll get Cata Classic but I actually really liked that expansion. The more challenging raids were good. The dungeons for a while were good. The guild leveling and achievements were fun too.

There were some things I didn’t like so much (for me the destruction of the old world and disjoined new zones weren’t great, LFR being added I wasn’t a fan of but that was at the end etc). Overall I really enjoyed the expansion. Most people think that’s nuts but that’s my opinion of it.


Yeah everybody has a gripe with looking for raid but I’ve never even really did it there was no point.

Cata classic won’t even happen, garbage expansion.


You’ll be lucky if Blizzard even rehosts Cataclysm. They might just hang it up with wrath, and I think most people would be happy with that.


Literally better than WOTLK in almost all regards.

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My response to Cata Classic:


Not even close. Cata was a dumpster of an expansion. Zones were bad, questing was bad, PvP was bad, only good raid was the last one.


We don’t even have wotlk yet and y’all want cata. Damn.

Can’t wait for bfa classic.


cata doesn’t have that nostalgia bomb tho, wotlk was the peak of wow for a lot of us. Maybe gameplay wise cata is better but I think wotlk will be more fun for me personally. Playing in the old world and “old” systems is important to me tbh


Not even close to what this thread was about lol.