Casual player LF guild


casual player looking for social Discord/guild to finish out BFA and go into Next expansion with. does it matter horde or Alliance I’m just looking to have fun and make some friends

Discord: Necrolai#4079


well come on! haha

(Nayelie) #3

Hey Necrolai! I sent you a request on Discord :slight_smile:


i add you on bnet



I’m Fezz, the Guild and Raid Leader of on Garrosh -Horde. Nice to meet you!

We’re a raiding guild that has been together for over 9 years. Raids times are Wed+Thurs 8-11pm EST, with availability for all members to learn while keeping progression moving forward. We also do many other events outside of the progression grind!

Feel free to add me at Fezz#1430. Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Pere) #6

Heya Necrolai,

think Pak Cafan might be a perfect fit for you. We’re a Dalaran server start guild that was originally established back in EQ1 which means there’s a core of us that are, ah … seasoned. Yeah let’s go with that. Our members live across the continental US, with a few abroad, and we run our heroic progression/AOTC team twice a week.

We are a very small guild at the moment. We’ve never been massive - like to keep the close knit family feel. The launch of Classic siphoned off a portion of our core raider population so we’ve got room for fresh new DPS and/or flex players who love to have fun whacking the heck out of boss mobs.

What we do:

  • Heroic Progression Raiding (AOTC focus)
  • M+/Expeditions
  • Achievement Runs
  • Treat each other like family
  • Have a good time

While we do like to explore light mythic progression that’s a call leadership makes depending upon raid comp and numbers and is not our primary focus. We raid W/TH 9-11:30pm ET

Give me a poke via Bnet or Discord and let’s chat!

Bnet: Peregryn#1292
Disc: Peregryn#6031