Casual Alliance player looking for guild to join(Playing on Dalaran)


Hey. My names Tom. I’ve played WOW on and off again since Cataclysm but it wasn’t until last year during the Tail End of Legion that I started getting serious about playing the game and I managed to make it to max level. However, by the time BFA came out I was really burned out and after finishing up War of Thorns I decided to take a break. During the break I’m guessing the Guild I was a part of either dissolved or they kicked me out since I was taking so long to get back because when I came back to the game none of my characters were in the guild.

But now that’s it been a year and I’ve had the time to get a job, save up some funds, and let the burnout heal I’m ready to give it another shot.

I wouldn’t call myself a “hardcore” player. I’m mostly interested in creating and leveling up characters. While I am open to raiding I don’t do it often. And I suck at PVP so I barely do that. I’m hoping to find a guild with a good social scene.

Right now my main guy is a Human Paladin and he’s level 118. I play on the Dalaran server.


Hey, Tom! I think I replied to your post on Reddit too! If you are still looking, I would love to talk to you about No Place Like Gnome. We are an Alliance guild that is on Dalaran. I hope to hear from you!
Bnet: Rory#11526
Discord: Rory#0376


Wow didn’t expect someone to see both posts. Sent you a friend request on Battlenet so we could talk.


Would love to chat more with you please feel free to add me on battle chat murdertramp#1435


Hit up Kirrin, he recruits for our pally army :slight_smile: (that is, if you’re up for a server transfer.) good luck in your search!