Castle Nathria Hall of Fame is Full

Earlier this week, the Castle Nathria Hall of Fame filled to completion.

With the next weekly raid reset (Tuesday morning, March 9 in this region), cross-realm Mythic Castle Nathria will become available.


Anything on the fact that there’s a possibility that the CN(Chinese) realms sold HoF? Kinda suspicious the way it all turned out.


Soo… we’re going to just ignore the fact that there is at least some circumstantial evidence that several of the chinese guilds to fill it out over the past week or so used boosted characters?

Alleged Mythic Raid Boosting in China Region Possibly Affecting Alliance Hall of Fame - Wowhead News


What is the CN Hall of Fame?


Castle Nathria Hall of Fame.

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Yea what is it?


Oh the CN someone mentioned above seems to be referring to Chinese servers, not Castle Nathria. My bad.

As for Hall of fame itself, it’s a list of the first 100 guilds on each faction to clear mythic and get cutting edge. So 100 horde guilds and 100 alliance guilds.

Thanks for the faster cross-realm mythic unlock, based China HoF sellers :slight_smile:


ahhh ok got it…

mythic raiding is not an esport

and I was referring to Chinese realms yes


I think it means once Horde and Alliance reach a certain amount of new full mythic clears then they open cross realm mythic raiding whereas Mythic is only same realm until this goal is reached.

So basically Horde hits the numbers fast because of the insane imbalance. So Alliance needs to hit that number too which obviously takes a lot longer and if the Chinese farmers didn’t help, it still wouldn’t be unlocked.

(looks like someone beat me to it)


No. It’s just a list of guilds that Blizz tracks. When each side has filled their 100 they open up cross server mythic raiding.


Until today, I cannot see a reason to wait this long to do this.


Overwhelming circumstantial evidence. The guy uploaded 12 kills on 12 different characters in 12 different guilds to a single log.


Because the factions are insanely imbalanced is why. Maybe if Blizz actually tried to do something to help the numbers then this wouldn’t take as long. Horde meets the goal the first couple of weeks.


Yeah, I know. Horde players complained a lot (and sometimes still do) about how they cant PuG mythic until Alliance catches up, if they ever do.

I quoted the wrong person. Sorry :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I got it. But I mean, why is this related to the cross-realm? I’m pretty sure they can track if a player is from that server/guild to make the kill count.

Ok, wasn’t to me your answer, well. :joy: :joy:

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So, what happened exactly? Because this is all news to me.

Look at the Wowhead link in the post I was replying to. As they say, none of the listings in the HoF match up with the positions in the logs they checked, but a lot of the positions 81-96 of the HoF seem to match the pattern of Chinese sales seen in the logs. We also don’t know if they’re recorded differently since the China servers seem to be handled very differently.

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