Castle Nathria Hall of Fame is Full

Blizzard is slow. Wowhead posted this a while ago.

OK, I’ll check that out, thank you.

Unfortunately, I don’t think blizzard actually has much control over wow-china, its run by netease and they handle all banning and policing. Foreign companies aren’t allowed control in china.

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This is very true, the game is run completely differently over there.

Though that begs the question as to why we even share a leaderboard if piloting Hall of Fame kills is allowed now on NA and EU.


Well then they should have their own leaderboards so they can’t just fill a large portion the hall of fame with boosted characters


I mean, all they would really end up accomplishing with that is having to have blizzard manually unlock xrealm mythic because the leaderboards would take forever to fill.

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I guess I’m still having a bit of a hard time wrapping my mind around what is going on. I see that there are listed people who’ve missed previous raid bosses, but that seems like it could be a sub thing, just as easily as it could be a bought raid spot. The server switching is the part that I don’t exactly understand, I don’t know why their servers would switch, unless they swapped servers to buy a run or to sub.

It’s at least interesting.

Blizzard made this player driven by putting in a “line” people needed to reach.

Since Horde raiding is more robust than Alliance raiding, it takes Alliance longer to fill out their side of the page.

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They’re piloting other characters. That’s how a lot of carries and sales are done, especially in China.

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So they log onto someone else’s account?

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Yeah, that’s what it looks like is happening here.

When can this fraction punishment be over so the Alliance can actually catch up with the speed of Horde?
Apparently this empty HoF from Alliance attracts nobody from Horde.
Look at wowhead. People are thanking those RMT players in Chinese server so they will fill the HOF faster to open cross-realm m+. While at the same time, Bliz is still keeping their precious systems to push the so called “competitive” race, which is as laughable as mdi and awc with such class balance, instead of bringing something valuable or quality of life changes to the larger regular player groups.


Seems like there should be easy ways to verify this sort of thing. If the account or character is suddenly completing content that they hadn’t before, and didn’t show the obvious signs or steps leading up to the completion of that content, then it’s probably a good indicator of a bought run.

So the way Famed Slayer title work is, if your guild is on the Hall of Fame, anyone in the guild during the tier can also get Famed Slayer title as long as they kill Denathrius during the CE window, and the title is account wide as long as one of the toon stay in the guild.

What most likely happen is, a top Chinese guild made several dummy guild in different servers, secure the Hall of Fame spot, then sell the Famed Slayer title by inviting the buyer’s alt into the dummy guild. Opening the cross realm faster is also a bonus since they have a bigger window to sell Mythic raid boost now.

How will this affect Alliance?

Well, one of the reason Hall of Fame was introduced is to promote Horde guild that didn’t make it to top 100 (but close enough) to swap to Alliance and be top 100 Alliance guild instead.

But now that a single Alliance guild can secure multiple spot in the Hall of Fame, that might not be the case anymore, depending on how Blizzard react to this, more guild might do the same thing as this Chinese guild in the next tier.


Yeah, but that would involve Netease doing the verification, not Blizzard. As far as we can tell, cheating and RMT carries are basically unpunished on Chinese servers.

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I beg to differ the “mythic raiding is not an esport” part.

For almost all Mythic raiders, you’d be correct.

For guilds like Limit, Echo, Pieces, FatSharkYes, Skyline, Jitianhong, Method, Exorsus & BDGG; it is.
There are sponsors. Players are paid. Players practice. They win bragging rights and monetary compensations. There are casters. There are viewers. They compete in an unofficial competition to be the world first (competitions do not need to be supported by game developers for them to be classified as esports).


If the chinese didn’t boost HoF, it wouldn’t fill until next patch lol.


Yeah except it is with professional organizations who have staff and PR and sponsorship.

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that’s not everyone, it doesn’t make it an e-sport and I don’t believe they’ve defined it as an esport so its not

plus it’s not officially sponsered by blizzard so…

Yeah not everyone playing soccer is a pro either but its still a sport.

There is a competition and professionals who compete in it. It is an e-sport.