Cant wait for prepatch

no more Gushing, no more haste stack, no more mastery stacked fire mages, no more BS.

Back to basics… really looking forward to it tbh


Probably some broken stuff gonna happen in prepatch and people gonna exploit it to rating they should never have gotten just like the BfA prepatch


Until SL launches and we’re playing Legion World PvP inside of Arena.


I can predict one now. Destro will spam rain of fire perma stunning people with infernals to 3k in pre-patch.

Man I remember in legion pre patch. I played warlock mainly affliction. People complained so much about aff in legion pre patch they were hot fix nerfing aff before legion even launched.

Now with this prepatch you got to remember that we are going back to ranked spells example DH will only have 1 fel rush compared to 2. Every class will be missing a lot of things in their spec. So people are most likely going to be feeling really week compared to what we have now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if most people are upset with how they get steamrolled by (xxxx class) in prepatch and just overall tears

Still better then this garbage


Its going to be fun to not have Hammer of Wrath till level 58.

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and then those same assa rogues exploited it for the next 2 years…


There was a website you could use to screen players that actually told u if they got certain rating / chieves during prepatches. I cant seem to remember it anymore.


Y’all remember those Sin rogues who had never been 1500 before coming in here and complaining that nobody took them and their 2200 seriously during prepatch and that they really were good at PvP? My favourite part is when none of them showed up again during BfA S1.

so ready for all this crap to be gone. I have tried arenas and I just die from a bunch of random procs half the time even though I outplay the other team super hard…

its wowthugger

shames prepatch players


God dont make vomit. Still have ptsd over seeing like 1600 rogues with tessalch trinket randomly getting like 2400

They fixed the rain of fire infernals perma stunning. They don’t stun, but I think you can still proc infernals like a mad man with rain of fire.

Screw prepatch I didn’t even know what was going on. Now my 2.2 is forever tainted.

I got 2.2 tho outside of that later on thankfully so I don’t feel so scummy personally.

What is this pre patch your all talking about?

A month before an expansion hits they prep the game for it with massive changes and everything is a completely imbalanced mess. Basically it’ll be no different than right now.

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I hope so lol.

Legion world pvp was fast as frick though and 3 globals killed some people healers also insta topped people. Maybe it’ll be like wotlk again.

JK it’ll be interesting to see how fast the meta starts off in Shadowlands and which way they’ll swing it be it broken raid gear or just bad tuning. Surely we wont have another season of sitting afk until deep damp. Right…?

Pre patch will have no arena ranking