Cant transfer to a server I already have characters on

I play on both Benediction and Grobb but I cant transfer my main to Grobb even tho I already have 5 characters there… the limit of characters on one server is 15… so I cant transfer my one pally main to grob but i can make 15 characters on grobb… it makes no sense at all. I opened a ticket and these mfs keep bringing up free transfers… I DONT WANT A FREE TRANSFER I have no problem paying for it… Its like they dont even read your ticket… or they give automated answers that have nothing to do with my situation. I have been subbed since 2007 and never been this close to canceling my sub, not only is this restriction that makes no sense stopping me from playing with my friends the customer service was terrible!


Looks like Grobbulus is still closed

I don’t want a free transfer… I don’t want to transfer to a random server regardless if its free or not… I want to transfer to a server I already have characters on. I can make 15 characters on grob what is the difference if one of those characters come from another server?

Paid Transfers

The below realms do not accept paid transfers:

  • AM
    • Benediction
    • Faerlina
    • Sulfuras
    • Grobbulus
    • Skyfury

if you have a character on a realm you should be able to transfer to it, end of story. whether you transfer the character or make a new one and level it up, it doesn’t change the amount of people on that server.

it’s completely dumb how blizzard has handled the server issues. they should just merge all servers into one server for each type (PvE, PvP, RP, RPPvP)


Already making another post on the same topic I see.

Classic is abandonware. Blizzard doesn’t care.

right… if I made a new paladin or transferred regardless its still +1 character on the server… i just want to play with my irls and wpvp before wrath is over

its honestly frustrating how much sense this doesn’t make, only thing we can do it bring it up over and over until they finally do something about it

yes lol this is the problem we cant transfer to these servers despite already having characters on them

Oh hey, the 591387th topic on this subject :sleeping:

clearly not enough post if blizz still has not done anything about it

Unfortunately they have a pinned post that says they have no plans to unlock any locked servers. They want to break up the “megaservers” with this strategy… They hope you will give in and transfer your main to the dead server where your rotting alts are… What they dont realize is that 99.9% of players will quit the game wayyyyy before they ever consider that.

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the servers are going to not be nearly as populated when cata comes out IMO and they also let me transfer my SOM character to grob lol

Yep, completely inconsistent, but thats highly on-brand for blizzard these days.

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The definition of abandonware: computer software that is no longer distributed or supported by the developer or copyright holder.

Blizzard continues to distribute, and support the game. As they upkeep the servers.

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