Can't transfer Due to Mailbox Bug?

Hello guys, I am currently trying to transfer my 60 warrior from the server Incendius to Netherwind. However, I am hitting a possible bug where it says that I have mail in the mailbox. When I open the mailbox, it doesn’t show any mail. I have been trying to transfer for almost 24h, checking mailbox every hour. I already have tried to:

  • Clear Cache
  • Delete Addons
  • Delete Interface
  • New WoW Client
  • Friend tried to open mail in my account.
  • Macros and Scripts to open mailboxes

I opened a ticket early today and the GM replied me twice that I had mail and I had to delete the mail in the mailbox. How will I do that if I can’t see the mail, or it doesn’t show in my interface. I wonder if there is a bug or something like that happening. I also want to say that I have 2 other guild mates in the same situation as me: Cacetinho and Kadavre. Exactly same problem.

My whole guild already transferred to Netherwind, and I am afraid that you guys will close the transfer locking us in Incendius.

What’s the best way to proceed ?



Have you recently done any questing in Stranglethorn or the Plaguelands? I know those are 2 zones that have a few quests that send out mail after you complete them.

In addition, do you have anyone on your ignore list? You can still receive mail from someone on your ignore list, you just cannot see it while you have them ignored.


I don’t have anyone in my ignore list, and as far as I remember I only exchanged the Zul’Gurub Tier at the Island (both belt and wrist). Maybe those two quests had any impact on it ?

Likely. One of the quests for Zanzu will have some follow up mail. It usually arrives in about 24 hours.


Thanks for the reply. Is there anything you can do to help me on this situation? I already waited more than 24 hours and I haven’t received anything, and I am afraid that you guys will close the free transfer soon. I am currently locked on paid transfer, and I also want to note that I am the Guild Master of This is Brazil and MT of our progression core.

You can delete the mail from Zanzu or any other mail. I really don’t care about them and don’t want be locked because a ZG Token :worried:

Again, thanks for all the assistance.

It’s the same issue for me, also trying to move from Incendius to Netherwind. I turned in Bijou’s and completed the tier turn in for the chest, both on Sunday night so over 48 hours ago. I have also been able to delete and restore my character, which also should not be possible if it is truly an in game mail issue.

Is there anything that can be done, as Blizzard had previously closed transfers with less than an hour notice, and I am afraid it will happen again?

I have the same issue on Incendius. Whole guild transferred except for me so far.

As Sekh said, im in the same boat. The last quest I have done is the Bijou quest (Saturday I think) and received already the mail.
But the warn about the mail didn’t change.

I think they mail problem can be changed. A mail can’t block transfer from the start, because it can just be deleted or replied with the item/gold. Just warn that they exist and ask for confirmation.

Also cant xfer cuz of same thing handed in the quest @ 10pm est 4/27 and it still hasnt shown up =-(

Folks, this isn’t a contact point for In-game Support. We won’t be able to simply delete your mail. It will arrive within 24-48 hours of completing the quests that send it. Otherwise, you can submit a ticket and a Game Master can take a look. However, current response times are much higher than normal, which means you will likely receive the mail before a GM would be able to delete it for you.