Can't Sell WoW Token

So I mistakenly bought a WoW Token thinking I could give it to my alt account, which apparently you can’t. So I was going to sell it, except it won’t let me sell the token. It says Current Price is unavailable, and there is an unknown estimated sell time.

You’re incapable of listing it. Like either give me my gold or money back at this point…

You will have to wait to sell it on the AH until after the transaction has fully cleared and Blizzard gets their money. That can take up to 24 hours.

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I don’t think you can resell them? You can only sell tokens that you bought with Blizzard Balance for gold. If you bought it off the AH, you can only redeem it for game time or Blizzard Balance.

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Hi OP! You can’t sell it back to the AH, but as long as your alt account is on the same battle account as your main, you’ll be able to use it when your time runs out.

I keep all my tokens on one toon, and use it on any of my accounts whenever I need them.

It was giving me the same error earlier today when the store was down and I was trying to put it on the AH, but it worked when it came back up around noon. Did they take the store back down again?

See this post and subsequent reply from CS.

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It depends what kind of Token you purchased, Valorei.

If it was from the Auction House… as the others indicated, you cannot sell the Token back to the Auction House. Once purchased it can only be used for Game Time or Balance. As Inna mentioned though, if your Alt WoW license is on the same Account, you should be able to use the token from the character selection screen.

If you purchased it from the Shop, then it can only be placed on the Auction House to sell for gold.

As of right now, for buying/selling WoW Tokens on the Auction House, it does appear to be disabled. It may be associated with the extended maintenance that the shop went under earlier today. It is being looked into.


Wow Tokens are currently Unavailable from the Auction House, we can’t buy or sell them. This is the issue OP is referring too.

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Yes. That’s what I said here:

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