Can't reorder chat channels since build: 46158

You used to be able to drag and re-order the chat channels around General 1, Trade 2 etc, and whatever custom ones. Since the last update, you can’t move them at all, and the numbers are fixed.

Can we have this functionality back?


This just happened with the chat update yeah? What a weird hotfix. Logged out for 30 min then have this random update. Come back in, my chat doesn’t have class colors for names anymore. Chat command doesn’t work. Then realized they added it to settings. I guess that’s how it was in wrath and they just forgot to add it…

I wouldn’t hold my breath just based on that…

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Crap, I just made a post about this. Switching characters sometimes reorders my channels and yeah, today I can’t fix the order anymore. Very frustrating if I have to reset every chat window on my 11 characters…especially if the bug that reorders them persists.

I mean, if they fixed that too, that would be amazing.

I mean, they jumped hard on the Fiery weapon/Fiery plate gauntlets interaction pretty hard yesterday, but this chat channel reordering has been around since classic vanilla. And somehow they break the ability to fix it.


im having the same problem too

This has been an issue for me for months now.

ye my chat channels got randomly re-ordered today when i swapped chars. would definitely love to have the ability to drag to re-order channels back so i can fix it

Also experiencing this as of recently

As a temporary workaround you can go into your WTF folder and find your account/server/character you can change the order by modifying the chat-cache.txt file. Near the top you will see your global channels, the second number corresponds to the order in game.


Just had them randomly reordered on me, as well. Wouldn’t be as big of a deal if i didn’t have them set by color for easy recognition, and so accustomed to using /# instead of /channelname for literally over a decade lol. If we could get this addressed, it would be amazing.

Still Going on, I have it broken up into damn individual tabs and it changes them constantly, i then have to close every individual tab cause now they all are bleeding into every other chat tab and the order is wrong. i then have to manually leave every chat and rejoin in the order typing 8 lines of chat then go in and individually open all the tabs again.

This is a big hassle to have to do every single time… Fix the General Config menu already jesus


This has been happening to me forever and now I can’t fix it is causing me to lose my mind lmao

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Surely it’s a simple fix too, I can’t for the life of me understand how things get broken and never fixed.

plan on fixing this at all?

just figured id chime in and say i have the same problem too. its really quite annoying. i want to say it started near the pre-patch, but i cant be certain

any plans to fix this anytime soon

i found a fix its abit annoying but u have to /leave the channels and then /join them in the order u want them in. to leave trade u have to be in a major city

also why os this showing a toon i dont even play as me i have 4 80s

Having the same problem…so annoying…