Can't Purchase Deluxe

So I can’t purchase Deluxe edition of TBC. It seems to only be in the IN-game store. That means I have to have active game time to purchase the deluxe edition which COMES with game time. like WTF is that. The deluxe edition isn’t available on the website or out of game shop, why on earth would I pay an extra $17 just to have access to give you $77 more

You do know you can get into the in-game shop on the screen where you pick your toon to play, right?


nope, doesn’t work. I try to and it says I don’t have an active subscription and kicks me back out to the main menu.


it’s unfortunate that part of their playerbase gets alienated like that. Guess I can spend my money elsewhere.

How is it being alienated when it’s something they’re working on it and will tentatively be available again today at some point?

Click the link. Read the words, rather than throwing an unnecessary tantrum. The entire post is not going to show up as preview text.


I read it. So basically they are allowing players with an active subscription to purchase it but not players without an active subscription. Albeit temporary. But if they are delaying it in the game store they should delay it for everyone, in game and out of game. That would be fair.

This has nothing to with fair. You have to wait until they fix it to allow everyone to get it. Thinking about nothing but one self isn’t going to fix this issue for others.