Cant make a topic

any reason i cant make a topic on any other form but this one without an email being told i did something or my option to post has been removed…this seems rather strange…and in all this time and so many people posting a gm has not mentioned anything is even stranger normally they are pretty quick to say something

Do you have an active subscription? You are going to need an active subscription in order to post on any of the community forums.

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fam im ingame right now

Log off/on from the forums, and try again.

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nope did not work i have a ticket open right now…i can post in customer support and the server fourms that my toons are on

Typically this happens when your subscription or game time has just renewed. Logging in and out and sometimes changing your password can help. But otherwise i’d give it 24 hours then repeat.

im in the middle of my sub fam

again, try logging out of the site, might take a few tries.

fam i tried all of this before i posted anything

Do you have multiple accounts, is the character you are posting on from the currently subscribed account?

no i have one account and i was just ingame on my 120 in sw…so i just went and googled something to do with shadows and it took me to reddit and made me cringe i surly hope not

Give this a try. Log out of the site, close your browser, then relaunch your browser, before you re-log into the site again, clear your browser cookies and cache, THEN log into the site.

If that fails, try a different browser to see if that changes anything.

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done it all

are you sure? try rebooting your computer and make sure it’s all current with updates.

bro ive been wracking my brain for the last 3 hours ive googled it all at this point

Your forum account does not have the appropriate flagging recognizing that you have game time on it. As others have pointed out, this is usually resolved by logging out fully and logging in again.

If that’s not working for you at the moment (with the additional browser troubleshooting suggested) then you may just need to wait for the system to update your forum account with those permissions. It’s not something the Game Master team (or I) can manually do for you unfortunately.